Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gigi Lovin'

Friday night we made a much needed trip to go see Gigi. It is usually on the top of our priority list as soon as we get into town, but with me being sick and then infecting the rest of the family we knew we needed to steer clear of her for a little while. Friday night we happened to be heading into Chatham anyhow and decided to stop by. We only stayed a few minutes, as Ryder can be very overwhelming, but got some really awesome quality time. Gigi seemed to be hearing really great that night, and Ryder was really paying great attention to her showing her all his new tricks. We got a few M&M's (which Ryder always lovess) and even heard a few Christmas carols from one of the older men that lives in the same home as her, and then headed on our way. It was a short, but oh-so-sweet visit.

Gigi and Ryder

Since i'm posting about Gigi.... it seems a fitting time to give a little background on Landon's full name, and how we came about it. Derrik and I had first decided we would start trying for baby #2 days before I was heading to Cape Cod to wait out the end of his rehab this summer. Ideal timing huh? It was kind of hard to get pregnant that way. I'm crazy when it comes to that stuff, and it made the time apart seem to drag on even longer! I had serious baby fever. Anyhow... I remember driving to the airport in the wee hours on the morning (it was still black out) for Derrik to drop us off to head to The Cape, and we were talking baby names. I love talking baby names, and it was a great way to get my mind off the fact that my husband was dropping me off at the airport to say good-bye for a questionable amount of time. We agreed that morning that we were 100% set on our girl name (the middle name was never decided even up until our ultrasound a couple weeks ago), but the boy name was still up for discussion. I had quite a few on my list, which of course were immediately shot down by Derrik, and he told me he had a name in mind. It was then that he told me the name Landon. I wasn't 100% sold, but did like it. Over time it somehow seemed to be the only name we could both agree on (the same thing happened for Ryder... I was never 100%, but love it now!)
The middle name was trickier. Ryder's middle name, Lee, is the middle name Derrik's dad's side of the family uses for the men in their family. Also the families initials are all RLL. Obviously we weren't going with the intial theme if we were using the name Landon, but Derrik was still pushing for Lee as a middle name. I just felt like Landon Lee Lutz was a little annoying so we started talking more. One of my top boy names was Brennan. Brennan is Gigi's current last name. It is the last name of her second husband (whom she married after her first husband, my grandma's father, passed away). Joe Brennan, her second husband, was also such a great guy. He unfortunately passed away many years ago, but Brennan is the only last name I've ever known Gigi to ever have and is still currently her last name. It meant a lot to me to give a middle name that somehow honored Gigi since she is so incredibly important to our family. After throwing around a few different options Brennan seemed to be the way to go since we really liked the name and were honoring Gigi at the same time. My mom told Gigi once we found out we were indeed having a boy, but it was so sweet to finally get to talk to Gigi about it in person the other night. She told me it was the best present she ever could have gotten :) It doesn't get much better then that does it?!
So Landon Brennan Lutz it is :)

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Tricia said...

How sweet! I bet Gigi was very honored. When we were back home, we told Steve's male role model (Bruce Warren) that we were naming Logen - Logen Warren, and he teared up. That moment truly is the greatest, isn't it? I can't wait to meet little Landon Brennan!