Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Smorgasbord

Man I love Christmas... The past couple of years my favorite parts have been watching Ryder enjoy it more and more each year as he's getting older and actually having my family under one roof. What I'm not a huge fan of is the millions of pictures I have afterward that I have to somehow compile into a meaningful blog post. We have LOTS of pictures... so lets get started. Unfortunately our Christmas morning with the three of us was on a different camera, and I forgot to put them in the right spot... so we'll start with Christmas morning, go back to Christmas Eve, and then move onto the rest of Christmas.... Sorry for the confusion!

Santa Came!!!
My boys getting ready to dig into the stocking
Loving the Mater plane
Looking for some more stuff
Some of the stocking goodies
Our Christmas 2010
Thanks for the Mickey Uncle Cole and Uncle Dalton
Thanks for my cool Mater Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dave
Lovin' his new guns
Opening some cars from Uncle Tommy... probably one of his favorite gifts
Thanks for the cool truck Me-Maw and Poppy
Santa came... AND brought Ryder his BIGGG Monster Truck!!!!
Somehow the picture of Derrik, Ally, and Ryder making cookies just got deleted... too compliated to get it back in... these picture filled posts are hard to deal with. Just know they were such a great auntie and daddy making Santa cookies with Ryder :)

Making Santa Cookies
Talking on the can phones with Grammy
At the other end...
Brother-in-Laws... Love them both... Especially when they are both under one roof... not too many days in the course of a year that this happens
Mack cooking up his Italian dinner
Ready to eat! Yum!!!
Auntie Ally knows how to do this Christmas thing... she gave Ryder her present Christmas Eve and got so much more attention from Ryder

The Winter's and Lutz's... First full family picture ever maybe?
Uncle Ryan is always so thrilled to get up early.
They don't start til 8:30... I think he has it pretty good
The kids ready to see if Santa came!
Landon's new Boppy cover!
Hailey trying to show Ryder the blanket she made him....
He was too excited over the box
Auntie Hailey in her new hat we gave her
Yummy Mater popcorn tin... our new car holder! Love it!
What our family use to look like many years ago....
Most of the extended family later in the day
Uncle Ryan and Auntie Ally playing Headbandz
Mack and I playing Rack-O
Everyone checking out the big group of deer outside fighting
Ally, Brooke, and Adam

And that's it.... Christmas was amazing! Loving the family time here! Trying to soak it all up while it lasts. This stretch of time in Arizona when we get back could be long due to the whole giving birth and no travel thing coming up. Ryder has been SO great! He is loving all the attention, and I truly hardly ever see him. I seriously change his clothes, his diaper, and make him do things like nap. He tells me all the time "Mommy go away"... apparently i'm not as cool as these people that play video games, monster trucks, and feed him sugar all day :) Serious reality check coming his way soon.

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Jen said...

Looks like your little one had a great Christmas! :) Where did you order that Boppy cover from?! Love it!