Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big Boy Seats

I've been contemplating getting Landon a big boy car seat for a while now. Ryder was in one around seven months. He cried all the time in the car though. Landon was really content in his baby carrier so I was just never fully motivated to go buy him a new car seat. While looking at car seats recently it dawned on me that Ryder is now big enough for a Stage 3 car seat. I didn't see why I would buy Landon a new car seat if Ryder would be outgrowing his soon anyhow. Friday night the boys and I went on a date to get a new carseat for Ryder, and Saturday was the big morning when we tested out the new seats!!!

My big boys were SO happy!

He doesn't seem to mind the hand-me-downs quite yet
I wonder if it'll always stay this way?

He was beyond proud to be in this big boy seat!
Can you believe he doesn't need the harness anymore and can use a seat belt?!
It's been a few days now and it is still so weird to me to look in my rearview mirror and see both of my boys sweet faces.


Sarah said...

is landon's seat capable of rear facing? most convertible seats can up to a certain weight limit. the new guideline is to keep them rear facing until 2 and at youngest 12 months. (not to be that mom) I just would hate for him to get hurt

Liz said...

I was thinking the same thing as Sarah ... is he old enough to face forward? Or is he to the weight requirement already?!

Lea Liz said...

Your boys are too cute!!!

What are the requirements for the stage 3 car seats?? I was wondering when I could move Brody to one!

~Rachel said...

I love it!!! What sweet boys!

And for what it is worth, I couldn't leave my kids rear facing until 2. They were HUGE by then. Of course, the rule then was 12 months.