Sunday, January 8, 2012

Haircuts for my boys..

Yesterday was the day we finally went and got the boys haircuts. I was about to head out with the boys myself, but my mom and the girls called saying they were on their way home and wanted to go with us. Luckily they went because my mom was able to snap some pictures to document the event. I got Ryder all set up in his chair. He was such a big boy sitting all by himself while I dealt with Landon. Ryder is generally great about getting his haircut, but you just never know with a three year old. I had told him before he needed to be a really big boy to show Landon how it's done. I had no clue how Landon would be. He freaks out over strangers once in a while. He did great though. The lady gave him a comb to play with which pretty much classified her as a friend right away :)

He was such a wiggle worm, but the lady said she would rather him be doing that then crying. Not a single tear from my little boy, and he looks so handsome!
We didn't get anything too drastic done. They did take a ton of hair off though. We just trimmed the top in an effort to save some of the mowhawk and trimmed the back and sides up so that mullett hanging over the ears look was gone.
My Big Boy
Seriously... he never gives a normal face anymore!
A side view of the little guys haircut
We make some cute kids huh?! :)

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