Monday, January 23, 2012

Hoops Game #1

Saturday morning we had our first basketball game. We walked into the gym and it was so packed and loud!! Ryder of course turned super shy, and I got a little nervous to see how he was going to do with so many people around. First we had to go see Coach Matt and get his jersey. I asked him if he wanted jersey 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, or 10. He prouldy chose six... also happened to be the last number his daddy wore playing baseball :) We said hi to our friends. We had our whole crew show up, and add on Connor and Cole's family and we had quiet the cheering crowd! The boys did so great in their game. Basically the team who has the ball gets ready at one end of the court, dribbles (to the best of their ability) down to the end of the court, and then they attempt to get a shot. Sometimes they would just do one shot, sometimes someone else would try, and sometimes someone from the other team would even take a shot for us. It was super cute.

Ryder taking a practice shot before the game started... yea it went in :)

He kept his hand on this little girls butt during the whole pre-game pep talk


Ryder going down the court for the first play of the game
On the bench for a few minutes during the 2nd period
and getting a dribbling lesson from Daddy
Figuring out their play to start the third period
Go Red Team
Just look at this picture...
Ryder has his hands up for defense while clearly watching the kid making a shot behind him.
There is a kid on the yellow team also playing defense for us.
You've got to love 3-4 year old basketball!
Daddy gettting Ryder's shoes tied up for the fourth period
Looking at Daddy making sure he's getting his dribbling right
Making his shot! :)
Getting ready to run down the court with his buddy Connor
(for anyone that doesn't remember... Connor is our buddy we met through the internet. His Daddy played baseball, we were from the same home town, and I contacted his Mommy, Miss Megan, because we had so much in common. It is SOO fun to be able to watch these two become friends now. It's like online dating.. just for friends :)!!)
"Why do I have to sit here and listen to these girl talk? I'd rather be playing basketball."
Great first game Red Team!!
And the best part, according to the kids, snack time!
Ryder and Cameron all sweaty after their game
It's been such a great season so far... excited about the rest of it!
Off to get my screaming kid out of the exersaucer and get ready for basketball practice :)
Happy Monday!

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