Monday, January 9, 2012

Hoops Season is Underway

Hoops season is FINALLY underway!! Ryder has been waiting for this forever! I got him some new basketball shoes last week, and he has literally worn them everywhere. I think he appreciated those more then any of his Christmas presents. He even loves the basketball socks to go with it. We had our basketball meeting on Saturday. We found out that we are the Red Team. Ryder's friend Cameron is on our team, and a HUGE bonus is our coach, Coach Matt, is Cameron's dad!! Even better is that Ryder's friend Connor is on the team. Connor turned three in November and could officially play basketball with us :) One of my lifelong friends, Rachael, also signed her little boy Cole up as well. So we are lucky to have Cameron, Connor, and Cole playing with us! It should be such a fun season. Tonight was our first practice. We have another practice next Monday and then our first game next Saturday.

Starting practice with a little basketball tutorial...

This is a basketball and this is the hoop...

They like to keep it basic with the 3-4 year olds :)

Getting ready to practice their dribbling skills

Getting the ball from Coach Matt to take his shot
Not the best action shot ever.
You can only do so much with an iPhone camera.
Ryder and Cameron are so excited to be on the same team again!
We are so excited we will get to see Connor twice a week!
This guy is SO excited hoops season is under way!
Coach Matt giving his team a little pep talk
And... look what this little guy figured out tonight!
Big trouble right there... grrr

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RJ and Katie Krier said...

Hi! I was looking at Kelly's Korner and saw that you are looking to sell some boys' "R" clothing? (I'm a little was posted in December!) Anyway, if you are, let me know. My little boy is 11 months, currently wearing 18 months. Thanks!