Sunday, January 1, 2012

The past couple weeks in pictures....

I had a bunch of random pictures on my phone. I figured i'd share a few

Ryder and I in front of the Christmas tree at church...
it was so gorgeous

Hailey had her 12th birthday party at Glamour Shots. I remember doing this with my best friend Amanda at about her age. You go in and get your hair and make-up done, and then you have a mini photo shoot. It is a fun way to let the girls get pictures done their way and showing their own personality without the opinion of mom :)

Ryder watching "all his girlfriends" doing one of their poses for their group shot.

I probably wasn't supposed to do this, but here are pictures of the real picture of the final group shot

And Hailey's final shot... I love it!
Like I said these pictures are random...
Here is a shot of the necklace my parents got me for my birthday....
I think i'll be wearing it every day :)
Random shot of the little guy on Christmas Eve
2/3 of my boys.... pretty sure the other one wasn't too far away, but just refused to be photographed as usual
I'll have to get some better pictures, but here is Landon in his new ball pit.
Remember these pretty ladies? Turbo and Hannah. They went to live at Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dave's just about a year ago, and we get pictures every so often. We miss them so much, but made such a good decision sending them there :)
Super Landon...
This is what Grammy and Auntie Ally do when they have the baby while Daddy and Mommy run a couple errands.

Like father, like son right here...
Notice the hand placement haha
Random shots at the neighborhood park

That's all folks :)
I hope everyone had a very happy new year! I know I should have made a recap post of pictures throughout the year and talked some inspirtational talk about how 2012 is going to be great, but to be honest I was just focusing on sleep the past couple days. I'll get into the details of Landon in his 8 month post which is STILL coming, but it's been very sleepless to say the least. Our whole family was in bed before midnight except Ryder. He has made it to midnight the last two years! He is SO into music and loves watching the New Years shows with Ally. 2011 was the year our youngest was born and in the future will be remember as that, but for now I am glad so see that year get behind us. We have lots of opportunities presenting themselves to us in 2012, and are glad we will be able to have you all along for the journey with us as they unfold in our lives and are documented on this blog. I can't wait to see where we will be on New Years day 2013!

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