Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It is chilly down here in the Sunshine State... or maybe even just COLD! I know it's even colder then all you northern folk, but it was down in the 30s this morning which is super cold for us who expect warm weather 365 days a year. Anyhow... It was a great opportunity to bust out the boys Temple gear they were sent for Christmas. Derrik's cousin Taylor is a freshman there, and the boys are proudly representing their cousin today. Of course the whole "Ryder sit next to your brother", "closer to your brother", "sit up straight", "don't squish bubby's face", "don't cover the logo of the sweatshirts", "try to get bubby to smile", and so on and so forth wasn't all going to happen at the same time for a perfect picture.... so here are a few out takes of what I did get.

We hope everyone is staying warm!!
Big week for our family and a potential new career path for Derrik...
Keep him in your thoughts and prayers this week as he takes a few big steps towards it :)

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