Monday, January 2, 2012

Landon Brennan - 8 Months

I knew i'd get on here to do this 8 month post... even if he is already a third of the way into his ninth month. Oh well... it is what it is I guess :)

Landon, this month might have possibly been sicker then the last. After going to the doctors in the beginning over November and them telling me you were just fine, I tried to battle through your sickness. On December 1st we had your flu booster shot, and I asked them to just check you out. You were diagnosed with an ear infection and put on antibiotics, and also put antibiotics for your nasty cough. We went back two weeks later and got a clean bill of health. You were sleeping through the night again, and you were healthy! Just a few days later we had two horrible nights of no sleep, and I just knew you had an ear infection. I called the doctors on the 21st, and you were again diagnosed with another ear infection. They gave you amoxicillian once again for ten days. On the ninth day, December 29th, you were doing no better so I took you back in. The doctor described your ear as "still buldging" and switch your antibiotics to something stronger. We are now about four days into the new antibiotics, and I am praying that this is going to work! We have been going through this since about the beginning of November, and I am not sure how much longer I can take these sleepless nights. The worst part is until I know you are healthy I can't imagine letting you "cry it out". I'm praying for a clean bill of health for real when we go for our re-check in two and a half weeks.

You have stayed pretty steady this last month. We haven't really purchased anything new. I think we had too much focus on getting all those fun new toys for Christmas :) I'm sure you'll have a growth spurt real soon. I'm kind of excited because we have lots of fun clothes of your brothers to get out once you grow just a little.
You are fine this month when it comes to food. I think your awful cold last month had to do with your lack of eating. You eat all the baby foods except peas and green beans. You love yogurt, baby puffs, and yogurt melts as well. We give you table food whenever we think it is something that is ok for you. You usually accept it just fine :)
I think I pretty much summed this up in the beginning, but yeah... it's awful. I am hoping once we are healthy we will all get back to our wonderful nights of sleep.
Your naps are ok. This week they have been pretty nonexistent, but I really think it's all related to your ears. When you are deciding it's a good day to nap you nap about an hour-hour and a half in the morning and about thirty minutes to an hour in the afternoon.
Some Other Fun Stuff:
On the go... You aren't crawling yet, but I got an e-mail today saying that the army crawl is sometimes all babies want to do. Your army crawl is soo funny, and gets you where you want to go fast! We have had to buy a baby gate for the upstaris, and can't let you be on your own if you are on the floors now. If your brother wants to play with toys we have to keep you away from the area or have him play with his toys on the couch. You guys play great with the baby toys. Ryder sometimes gets so excited when you are playing with a toy that he rips it right out of your hands ot "show you". We are working on explaining to him that he needs to show you without taking it away because it makes you sad :) i'm sure we will be working on this for a longggg time!
Communication... Da-da is still your only word, and you say it all the time. If we talk to you you like clap your lips together like you are talking back to us. I never remember Ryder doing this, and it's so funny. You have also started the beginnign stages of clapping. You do it on your own, and get your hands going really fast when we do it. We have not gotten you to do it prompted quite yet though.
Ryder is still your world. We all have to work to get laughs out of you, and Ryder can seriously just look at your and you are hysterical!!! You guys have the best time together and it's so sweet.
You are still a toothless wonder. You are beyond ticklish! Sometimes we tickle you without even meaning too. You have the funniest laugh... like the ones you see people watching YouTube videos of. We all love it and laugh just as hard with you :) I am sad to say that, for the most part, your mohawk is a think of the past. Your hair has gotten too long and lays flat now. I am hoping to get to the barber this week for your brother and think you might be getting into a chair yourself for a little trim. I'm thinking it might bring the mohawk back!

Landon, this month has been exhausting and tested my mommy skills on more then one occasion. I am hoping that January is a healthier month for you. We love you even when you do keep us up all night :)

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