Saturday, January 14, 2012

St. Andrews Festival

We didn't really have anything going on today, and Derrik was working. My parents were heading to the St. Andrews Festival with the girls and their friends so we tagged along. It was chilly out for Florida and the absolute perfect day for a fair!

Ryder watching the girls go on the "big kid" rides. He is so close to 36", but just not quite there yet

Watching Auntie Hailey and Emily up on the swings

He's got his tickets and is excited he's tall enough for one of the big kids rides!
Such a big boy on the big kid rides
My bubby and I
I'm sure at 25 and 27 I should probably stop calling him that :)
Going on the big slides with Uncle Ryan
He doesn't think the fair is quite so cool from his stroller
Uncle Ryan was a little caught off guard how fast the slides are on these crazy carnival rides
I got a good laugh at how far Ryan's feet hung off this rides...
especially with the cowboy boots
My little guy and I are on merry-go-round
Love his cheesy smile :)
These things were crazy..
Kind of like litle four wheelers with no brake
Grammy and Ryder on the Crazy Bus
"I really don't see what's so cool about this place?!"
Ryder and Auntie Ally trying to win some prizes...
We went home empty handed
Great day with the family :)

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