Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lost and Found

Well aparently I had a ton of pictures on my camera.. I hadn't realize quite how much I had been picking my camera up at home lately and hadn't bothered to put them on the blog....

It could have something to do with the fact that my baby hangs out in places like this now

Anyhow... onto a completley random post of random pictures of my boys hanging out at home...

Look at my big guy smiling like a nice boy for the camera

The boys being silly during a night swim last week
This sweetie pie has a secret to share...
Just shy of 3 1/2 he is officially swimming on his own!
Some sweet book reading time between two brothers last week

He quickly moved onto painting a picture
While this guy snuck onto the patio and found a coconut laying around

He then discover Grammy and Mack's door step into their room...
Ryder called me back over to show me his masterpiece
We then quickly realize bubby might make it up the tiny step into the room
Half way there...
Our little coach trying to get his bubby up the step
And he made it!
Ryder has taking a liking to his Ninetendo DS he had gotten Christmas of '10
He had played a little here or there since then, but never really grasped it.
Clearly he's got it down now considering we see a lot of these 1st places on the screen these days...
Playing in the tub
We take walks around the neighborhood later in the afternoon quite often. There is a playground, some swings, and a basketball hoop a little ways from the house. We typically play basketball down there, but yesterday we had no basketball on us. Ryder asked to play on the playground so I told him just a few minutes because I knew Landon would get antsy. Once we got there I figured i'd let Landon try the playground out. He is climbing onto and off of everything and anything these days so we went for it.
Making his way through the tunnel
He did it!
Checking up bubby down below
Bubby trying to help Landon get up the steps
Lovin' the tongue and all that drool
He was pretty excited when he realized he could pull up on these bars!!
Can we come back soon please?!?!
Now that Landon can do that park we will probably be walking down there every single day to blow that last hour before dinner, bath, and bed... what a great break!

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