Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Landon Brennan is 9 Months Old

Landon Brennan-

You were one busy boy this month. Every day it’s something new with you. You go somewhere new, pull up on something new, and get your crawl up just a little higher every single day. It is so exciting! I remember this age with your brother being so exciting as well, and am so glad we are getting to experience it once again with you. Of course your brother adds a whole me element to this experience. He’s your number one fan with your new milestones. He's always there to cheer you on, clap for you, and tell you “Good Job Bubby”, but he’s also quick to knock you back down… literally. He likes to play with your toys together, but isn’t really a fan of you playing with his. We are working on it. He goes to time out every time he hurts you, and is always very
sorry he does it. He's quick to apologize and promises he won't do it again. He still does it the next day, but we are working on it :)

One thing has stayed the same as last month... you're sick. Not the same sick from last month. We did get, I think, like two weeks of healthiness out of you. You have been super cranky for two days, and came down with some nasty cold symptoms last night. I took you to have your ears checked today. The doctor said you are good right now, but that our ear looked swollen and pussy. He said when ears look like that about 50% of them turn into ear infections and with your history it's not looking like things will work in our favor. I guess we will wait and see. Anyhow... that is why this is a pictureless post. You just aren't in the mood for smiling. We'll get those pictures soon though buddy :)

Let's get down to business:

Size 4 diapers are still doing quite well for you
Your jammies are all 18 months
I just pulled out Ryder's old 12 month shorts and they fit you great
18 month t-shirt and polos
18 month onesies
and 18 month one piece outfits... but they are getting snug
The doctor told me you looked orange today, and I told him I had heard that from quite a few people lately. I asked if it was something I should worry about. He told me it could be in the long run, and suggested we lay off the carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash. Considering the only other veggies sold in baby food are green beans and peas, and you hate them.. I'm not sure what my other options are. The doctor said to just stick to fuits. I thought the suggestion was weird, and plan on talking to our pediatrician about it more at your check-up.
You are doing great with food. Sometimes you deny baby food and want big people food and sometimes it's the other way around. You still love any pastas. This month you've taken a liking to chicken nuggets, blueberries, strawberries, and bananas.
Grrrrrr.... Ok so while you were healthy you were taking amazing naps. Usually i'd wake you up after an hour in the morning, and you will nap for around one-two hours with your brother in the afternoon. If I know we won't be home for naps in the afternoon I just let you continue sleeping in the morning and you take your long nap then.
As for night time, you will sleep through the night 3,4, or even 5 nights in a row, and then scream for hours some nights. I have let you "cry it out", but it's so frustrating. Daddy has spent quite a few nights on the couch because of this. We are SO ready for you to have your own room. Until this point we could leave the doors open, watch tv, have conversations and you never woke up. Now we tip-toe into the room with complete silence, and you wake up if we even roll over. I remember Ryder being awful at this age too, and from recent exchanges of stories with friends who have babies your age it appears this might just be normal. Let's get past this ok?!
Other Fun Stuff:
Your crawl is getting high. I watched you take a few little crawling steps up high, but then you drop down and resort to your army crawl. Re-reading Ryder's nine month post he was doing the exact same thing and took off crawling in his tenth month. Looks like you will be folling suit. You also officially can get from crawling to sitting up on your own. You were doing this before sometimes, but it's 100% now and happens all the time.
You are pulling up on stuff all around the house. You can stand up in your crib now too. I think this might have something to do with the sleep issue. You like to doze off while standing and then hit your head when you fall down. It's so pitiful, but unfortunately you don't like to let me soothe you back to sleep so my only option is to let you work it out on your own.
In addition to DaDa you now say Mama... Thanks sweet heart :) Just in the last few days we've noticed you repeating "All done". It comes out like "ahhh da". Grammy discovered this and it's so cute to listen to you repeat.
You are working on perfecting your clapping and waving bye-bye. We get a decent response from it, but not 100% yet.
You love cartoons. You particularly like the intro songs and ending songs on them all, but can sometimes get sucked into a whole episode. Ryder never watched tv at this age because I think I was too selfish to turn cartoons on. It's funny to watch you do whatever you can to see the tv when you hear your favorite cartoons voices.
You took your first poop in the tub this month... Just thought that was worth documenting :) Bubby really appreciate that one!
You LOVE to see yourself in the mirror! Especially before and after bath.
This month has been really fun with you. Between finally getting corresponding nap times with your brother, watching you discover so many new things, and you two really playing together now our days have become so much more enjoyable.
Promise to get your pictures up soon too!
We love you big boy!! :)

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