Thursday, April 15, 2010


I think that is the perfect word for what is going on around this house! With Derrik's rehab coming to a close we are trying to make arrangement for this big next step in our life. It feels like it is all we talk about. We have come up with so many scenarios for what we can and might do, but don't really know anything.

What we know:

-Derrik is feeling great! He feels slight pain every once in a while, but it's like one out of twenty pitches. Right now it's basically about getting ready to play at the level he was playing at before.

-Derrik has three simulated games on Friday, Tuesday, and Saturday. (We think we know this, BUT they also change things. This is the schedule as of right now).

-Derrik will throw in his first extended Spring Training game April 27th.

-The pitching coordinator for the Reds told us to be ready to go anywhere after May 1st.

- The BMW will go back to Cape Cod from Arizona so we have one car to worry about in case we move a lot in the few months to come.

- Our two cats will go back to Cape Cod for the duration of the season. They are a lot to travel with and my grandparents will be staying in our apartment over the summer while we aren't there.

- Plane tickets to Boston and Raleigh are SUPER cheap right now.

What we are questioning:

- After May 1st? Like May 2nd? Or like May 30th? Thanks for the info!

- Where will we being going? Will we go back to AA Carolina? Will we get sent down to High A Lynchburg to see how he does? Will they think he's ready for AAA Louisville and just send him there (wishful thinking)?

- Do we pay a little more and ship a car back home to Cape Cod so we don't put miles on it, or do we have a family friend drive it for us because it's cheaper?

- Do the cats go in the BMW with the family friend (if she's willing), or do they go with us until my family can come get them when they visit?

- Do Ryder and I fly back to Cape Cod early in the month so Derrik can leave at a moments notice if they tell him one day before he has to leave? Do we wait it out and hope tickets are still cheap when we find out where we are going?

I am sure there are SOOO many more questions we keep asking ourselves. It is literally making us crazy. We are trying to enjoy these last couple weeks. These are our last couple weeks where Derrik will be home at night and not traveling on the road every other five days. These are our last couple of weeks in a nicely furnished house and not a sparcely furnished apartment. We are trying so so hard to enjoy it, but i'll tell ya what.... anticipation really gets the best of you sometimes!!!

I will do my best to keep everyone updated. It is so hard to explain to anyone what is going on because, honestly, we don't know as you can tell. Only time will tell...


Meant to be a mom said...

Oh my goodness you sure do have a lot of decisions to make. I don't blame you for being a little crazy from it all. I hope everything falls into place smoothly.

"P" said...

I love following your little boy on your blog, the terrible twos will pass, then you will be faced with the teen ager years and then they think they become adults. Enjoy every second of every stage...I don't mean to bring sadness to you, but I buried my oldest son at 31...well he would have been 32 on May 1 and he went through all the stages and at 31 was again like a big teddy bear and was my baby. If you follow DaveandBritplusone I am Brit's neighbor that she has been praying for. It will pass and is is all normal. Just enjoy every moment of every phase.