Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's Not Good-Bye... It's See Ya Later...

Just as I figured it would... Spring Training flew by! All the anticipation for months of our friends coming to town and it finally happened, we loved it, and it's over. They have all packed up their rental houses, shipped their cars, flown to their destination, and starting making a new home somewhere else. We of course are still here. We soaked in a few great days of it being just "us" again. We caught up on all of our shows on the DVR. We got to cook some dinners at home. We got to enjoy some amazing family time. BUT now the reality is sinking in that they are gone...

I am missing them so much already... our friends.

I am missing impromptu nights in the Denove's backyard. Us girls sitting by the fire while the boys play putt-putt in their cool putting course in their backyard. Me worrying the whole time that I don't have a sweatshirt for Ryder because it was warm before we somehow ended up in their backyard, and hoping an awful rash doesn't appear because Ryder's diaper is way over-due for a change and we don't have a spare. I miss just letting it all go to sit and talk with my girlfriend a little bit longer, watching the look of excitement on Ryder's face as the guys whip balls past him over and over again, and watching the guys set up impossible goals to get the ball in the hole and not ever getting one all night.

I miss walking up to the grocery store and seeing a familiar face in the check-out line or getting a DVD from the kiosk.

I miss getting a text "meet you at the park (or coffee shop) in ten minutes" and throwing Ryder and I together as quick as possible for a half hour or so of conversation with a friend.

I miss laying our on our back patio while Ryder naps and actually having someone to talk to. Chloe just isn't a great conversationalist.

I miss people randomly stoppping by at our house just to hang out and stopping any plans I had because I knew I had to soak up my time with them because this time would come to an end too soon.

I miss the "we're homeless" texts from friends and letting them crash here for over a week and loving every second of it!

I miss the random phone call for a spur-of-the-moment trip to California with my girlfriends. Oh the laughter and good times we had!

I miss the "game night tonight after Ryder goes to bed" texts from our friends. That they are comfortable enough to always come over in the pj's and make themselves at home at our house. Oh we had some fun night of Settlers. For anyone who has never played that game.... you should!

I miss people coming into our house and kissing and loving on Ryder. I love to see the love these people have come to have for our son. They are his family when we are away from our own and they do a damn good job of filling the void!

I miss the "where will they be this season" conversations with my girlfriends. How many groups of girlfriends sit around talking about baseball stats? Honestly sometimes we think we should be running the Reds system! AND honestly.... we should... they need a woman up there. We will never understand how they can tell you a mere 24 hours before you leave for the season where you are going. We have decided the man in charge is NOT married!

Our friends are gone though.... We are missing them. They are spread between AA North Carolina and AAA Louisville. They all have their first game of the season tonight and it's truly heart-breaking to not be there for it all. I love our home here, but wish I was making-do with a non-furnished apartment in baseball world right now. I wish I was missing Derrik because he was on the road. I wish I was making sure I had internet so I could listen to the game tonight. I wish I could be making plans with my girlfriends for our girl time while the guys are on the road. We wish them all the best of luck this season!

We are making do back here in Arizona. We are happy to be together. We are happy Derrik is getting closer each day to being game ready. We are fine :) We are just missing some things a little.

Derrik throws his final bull-pen on Saturday. He then has one live BP and one simulated game... then somewhere between April 23-24th, we believe, he should throw in his first extended spring training game. We are unsure of exactly what he has to do in these games to get back on a team, but it's coming sooner rather then later. We are praying for no set backs, but will deal with what we have to when the time comes. I am beyond excited to sit at that extended spring training game with Ryder and be Derrik's little cheering section. I am so excited to see my man do what he does best (besides love us that is!).

So it's not good-bye.... It's see ya later... because before we know it well crying saying good-bye to our Daddy when he leaves on his first road trip with the boys, and Ryder and I will be back with the girls... doing girl things.

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The Heisey's said...

Danielle, We MISS YOU GUYS TOO!!! Hopefully we will be reunited soon. I wish we were all sitting around a folding table listening to the game tonight. Keep us posted to Derriks rehab. Love ya girl! You will be back on the east coast in no time!!!!