Monday, April 12, 2010

Please Tell Me WHY?!?!

Why is it that some day's my son only wants to do things he shouldn't?

Why does he want to climb onto the stools? Sit on the counter? Crawl onto the kitchen table? Stand on the coffee table?
Why do I feel like a bad mom because i'm constantly telling him no and putting him in timeout?
I try very hard to let him bend the rules since we are stuck in the house all the time. I let him play with kitchen utensils (nothing sharp of course), pull the tissues out of the box, play with the remotes, but REALLY? Do we have to make this place look like a jungle gym?!?!
The little man just went down for a nap. I asked him to please take a long nap. I told him I loved him very very much, but PLEASE take a long nap!!!


Mama Fish said...

I know it's hard... he's at such a toddler stage. Exploring everything and testing limits and boundaries. I encourage you to keep those boundaries up with the time outs you do. You will see the fruit of that consistency as he gets older...

I wish my youngest still napped! UGH! He's 3 and he naps maybe twice a week. Those naps are such a good time to just decompress a little. I love my kids to death, but sometimes it's so energy intensive and a lot of hard work, I just need a little break. lol! It will get better!


The Stevens Family said...

You are NOT alone!!!!

Wish you lived closer, so we could go through this together!

Tricia said...

Page does that, too. Unfortunately, Page also teaches that to the other kids here so I end having 3 of them in time out for the same stuff. Let's hope they grow out of this stage, VERY quickly!