Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1st Rehab Start

Well yesterday was Derrik's first time back in a game. For those of you who don't understand, he is making what is called a rehab start on what the Red's call their extended spring training team. All teams have this and it's for the players who didn't make a team out of spring training. It is a convenient place for guys coming out of rehab to get some games in under their belt because the teams are in Arizona at the same facility.

The most important thing about yesterday was that Derrik didn't hurt while pitching and still isn't hurting the day after :) We are beyond thankful for this!!! Derrik only gave up one walk (which was the first batter.. we'll just give that one up to nerves since he hasn't been in a game in like eleven months), he got a ton of ground balls (which he's suppose to get), and overall did just what we hoped would happen. The infielders and outfielders were a mess and were literally letting balls roll through their legs getting players on base, but as one of the Reds coordinators sitting next to me put it "We'd rather see this because it's getting him some work on the mound instead of him just pitching a couple pitches and getting out of the inning". His velocity was down from what it was when he was 100% before this injury, but after talking to a couple trainers he has been reassured this is expected and will come back in the next couple months.

I feel very comfortable at this point saying Derrik is healthy and just needs to work on becoming the amazing pitchers we all know he can be! He said it felt very weird being on the mound with a team behind him, guys on base, and taking signs trying to deal with these guys on base. I think this shook him up a little since this has always come with such ease to him. I know that within a couple game this part of the game will come right back to him, and I think he gets that now too!

At this point Derrik will continue to play in these games, he will continue to develop himself as a well respected pitcher once again, and will wait on his call to go play with a team again. I won't be on here updating every game... I think it would make my husband go crazy!!! For now we need lots of prayers that this part of the rehab goes smooth, and that Derrik has patience to give it the time it needs. I think this might be the most fustrating part for him because he wants back on the mound TODAY to work on it, but need to give his arm rest.

Not to much longer and we'll be out of here!!! Woohoo!!!


Mama Fish said...

Danielle- That's good news! I'll be praying that he has the patience to let his arm rest and rebuild all the areas of pitching that he needs.

Brittany Wood said...

Yay!!! Sooo good to hear that he felt great and still feels great. We'll be seeing you guys before no time!