Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday Cake

For Derrik's birthday we had a cake, and I wasn't really sure what Ryder would think of it. He really hasn't been a huge fan in the past when we have given it to him. I gave him a huge piece thinking he wouldn't eat it, and it was less left in the pan to taunt me in the days to come. He loved it though and chowed it down!!! He then proceeded to ask for "more, more".

Here are some goof ball faces from my phone that he was making while he was eating the cake:

P.S. - Since my vent post about how out of control Ryder was... he has been a saint! I hesitated to write it because it seems to always backfire, but it's been going on for three days. AND he sat in his highchair playing with play dough, watching the phillies, and hanging out with us for THREE hours yesterday!!!

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