Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Funday

Now that Spring Training is over, Derrik gets Sunday's off again. It's not the whole weekend, but we'll take it since we don't want too much time off because we want the heck outta here soon!

We didn't have much planned today except wanting to spend the day together and, of course, watching golf. We started the morning off with some cinnamon rolls for breakfast which were delicious! We then played around with Ryder for a little bit. It's not too often that we both put everything aside and just completely give 100% of our attention to Ryder when at home. While in the living room he kept acting like he wanted to jump. We taught him what the word was and asked him to keep doing it over and over.

Video of Ryder jumping

I then suggested that Ryder really needed a haircut so we made a trip to Wal-Mart for some clippers. Derrik had tried the haircut thing out before, but it was with a beard trimmer that he uses on his face. We figured since he seemed to do a good job last time that we'd invest in the real thing. Once we got home we all settled in for a nap. I'm not a great napper because when I do I don't want to get up, but on Sundays I usually give in and enjoy the extra sleep time with my hubby. It's our way of "sleeping in" since Ryder doesn't care what day of the week it is and is always up early.Once we got up golf was on so the boys spent a lot of time in front of the t.v.

"Chips and golf... It doesn't get any better then this!!!" "Hey look what I realized my tongue can do now!"
Once the golf ended we decided it was time for the haircut

The trick to a successful haircut is definitely the lollipop!

Notice the tear by his eye :(

It was HOT out today! Any small dreams we had of even maybe living out in Arizona on our own will are slowly but surely diminishing. We have fallen in love with the community we live in, but it's only April and it's already HOT! I mean I grew up in Florida and dealt with some serious heat, but it is crazy out here. So a sweaty baby and a family covered in hair only meant one thing... get the hose out and fill up Ryder's little pool with water.

"What a great idea!"

Ryder went to sit next to dad and burnt his little tush on the pavers

This is the look Ryder gave Derrik after he let out the loudest fart! After this picture, Ryder proceeded to get up and go look behind Derrik to see what made the noise!!!

Trying to convince Ryder to actually get in the pool And that was enough of that for him....

The water was pretty chilly! I would know that because when I had my back turned rinsing the hair off Ryder's highchair Derrik threw a cup of water at me. I then thought i'd get him back, but ended up in the pool myself and with a cup of water poured over my head.

Tomorrow is Monday which means back to the grind of daily life. It's ok though because every Monday means another week further into Derrik's rehab. His first live BP is Tuesday and first simulated game is Saturday!!!

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