Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Enjoying the Small Things

Blog reading has become quite a hobby of mine. I know it drives my husband insane that I read blogs about people I don't even know, but I just can't stop... I love it! I will constantly tell him stories that I have read from certain blogs throughout the day and refer to them like they are my friends. Most of the blogs I read are mothers (and one father) who have children around the same age as Ryder. Being so far away from any friends or family with kids it is honestly like my way of catching up with friends and comparing stories of our kids throughout the day to realize we aren't the only one with a crazy toddler on our hands.

My mom's friend recently e-mailed me with a link to a blog ( that she said I "had to read". I hesitate to read new blogs now-a-days because i've found a pretty amazing group of blogs to read and really don't need any more taking up my time during the course of a day. I went ahead and read it anyhow and fell in love! This blog has the most amazing writing and photography. It is simply about a mother who is "enjoying the small things" in her life. She is constantly reminding you that life isn't about the big things and if we learn to enjoy the smaller things in life you will be much happier. I have tried very hard to take on this attitude in our day to day life because if I keep waiting for the big things (rehab to be over, for my husband to make it to AAA or the big leagues, for a vacation, or finally being close to our family) I would be missing out on so much happiness.

So here are some of the small things i've been enjoying in my life:

1. That my husband finally had two whole days off! The spring training schedule is awful when it comes to family time. It has long days and no days off. We we're so happy to have our daddy home for two whole days to play with, nap with, cook with, and to make us smile.

2. That Ryder is loving daycare at the gym! His two daycare teachers know him by name and get big smiles on their faces when they see him waving to them through the glass window while we check in. He even runs away from me when I go to pick him up. I am so thankful for this time for him with other kids and for me to get some time to myself.

3. That I am constantly beating my best distance during my twenty minutes on the elliptical at the gym. My best distance before yesterday was 3.48 miles and yesterday, after a day of feeling kinda lousy, I upped my personal best to 3.98 miles!

4. Our new car! I never thought i'd love this car, but I do! It is so nice to drive and Ryder has so much more space.

5. Soccer games at sunset with my little man - Last night it was gorgeous out when Ryder and I got home from the gym. We had about an hour until Derrik got home so Ryder and I had an intense soccer game on our patio. I honestly broke a sweat! The look on his face when he would kick the ball was priceless.

6. That Slim Fast are back on the market - when they were recalled around December I was lost. I drank them every morning for breakfast since high school and was going crazy. Cereal makes me feel yucky and i'm too lazy to make anything else so it's the perfect breakfast for me.

7. That we have a DVR - nothing makes me happier then kisses from Ryder good-night, my hubby scooping ice cream, and cuddling up to watch our favorite shows. We finally had one of those nights last night for the first time in a while and it was amazing!

8. That Ryder found the letter "D". We have had the magnetic fridge alphabet letters since Christmas. We just leave them on the fridge, and Ryder plays with them on occasion. For some reason we have always play the letter "D". We always would say "D" say "Da" trying to get Ryder to say Daddy. Today the "D" was with the mess of letters on the fridge, and I asked him where it was. He picked it out instantly. I put it in another random spot and asked him later with my phone in my hand ready to video... and he got it!!!

9. That Wal-Mart finally put out the spring scented candles!

10. Blowing bubble with Ryder! He loves when they pop on his face

11. Watching my boys watch the new Cars movie they got for Easter

12. The reaction Ryder has when he and Daddy watch Mater's Tall Tales on the Disney website

Make sure to "enjoy the small things" in life :)


Katie said...

I love reading your blog! my husband always laughs at me when I tell stories of other people from blogs! We are HUGE Reds and Bats fans- we are hoping for a great season!

I have been reading kelle's blog for a while now- it makes me appreciate life more and more everyday!

You have a beautiful family!

Meant to be a mom said...

Those videos are the cutest. Ryder is so smart, he found the D good for him :)

I agree with you, those are all good things to enjoy.

And I'm like you with the blogs. I talk about you girls like we have been lifelong friends. I tell my hubby stories too, Its funny because I truly don't actually "know" you girls. But we sort of do.