Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What We've Been Up To

We have been trying to keep busy out here in Arizona. This final countdown to the end of rehab is grueling. It feels like it is dragging on, and we're trying our best to keep going on with day-to-day life while knowing a move is somehow,someway in our near future.

This little man manages to fill up a lot of that time :)
How cute is this baseball shirt his Mimi and Papa got him?!
On Sunday I drug Derrik out to the park because Ryder and I can't stand being in the house come the weekend. Sundays are Derrik's only day off and his day he wants to sit at home and relax. Ryder and I on the other hand look at them as his only day we have him to go do anything with. We try hard to make a compromise somewhere in the middle :) Anyhow... on our way to the park we had to walk through Main Street and noticed a cycling race was going on. We found out it was going on all day and spent quite a bit of time watching it. Ryder absolutely loved it as he does all things that involve action.
The boys watching the start of the race.
Ryder had sat in his stroller for quite a while.
When he started fussing to get out he immediately went and sat just like his Daddy... too cute!
Watching the bikers as they go by...
And of course checking out the jets!
These days it's hard to find something new to entertain Ryder. I sometimes think moving all the time is a blessing in disguise because it gives Ryder a whole new house to find activities to do. Someting as simple as a new cabinet to empty and crawl in can entertain him for hours! The other day we filled the sink up with some water, and it was totally worth wiping up a wet floor for almost an hour to myself to get stuff done around the house.
Yesterday Daddy came home with a present for Ryder! I thought it was so sweet that Derrik thought to do this for Ryder, and of course Ryder was thrilled!!!
Ryder's new glove!
Daddy showing him his new gift
And of course the first thing he does is pretend to pitch...
Like father... Like son!

Baseball Update

April 22nd (tomorrow): Derrik throws his last simulated game - 2 innings

April 26th (Monday): 1st game - 1 innings

April 29th (Thursday): Light throwing

April 1st (Saturday): 2nd game - 1 inning

That is all we know as far as the baseball side of things is concerned. Derrik continues to feel great and after the 1st it's just a waiting game.

Moving Update

We decided in order to do this move in a way that wasn't financial through the roof we needed to make decisions now. We didn't have answers from the Reds so we just had to use our best judgement. Next week a family friend, who we are so thankful for, will be flying out here to drive our car back to Cape Cod with our three pets. The car and pets will spend the rest of the season in The Cape so we can reduce our "baggage" we have to deal with throughout the season.

We have bought a ticket for Ryder and I to fly to Cape Cod on May 4th. We feel Derrik will not leave any earlier then this, but were nervous to buy anything later because anything is possible at this point. We will camp out there and visit with family until we get word from Derrik that he knows when and where he will be playing. There was a ticket for $54.00 to North Carolina (the AA team where Derrik left for surgery) that we couldn't pass up on May 25th. We are hoping Derrik will be assigned to the AA team and hopefully be there by this date. We took the risk and bought the ticket. We will make adjustments if we need to of course.

That is it for now... I'll keep ya updated!!!


The Smith's said...

LOVE the glove, so cute!

Lindsay Henry said...

$54?!?!? What a deal!!!

Tricia said...

I know you so badly want to get out of AZ (and I totally understand), but you will be missed. :(

Brittany Wood said...

I LOVE the glove. It's awesome, but it's for the wrong hand! Praying for you guys. Everything will work out and hopefully we'll see you guys soon! Give that little boy hugs and kisses from us.