Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Arizona State Fair 2010 (Monster Truck Show)

Last night was one of the best nights with my boys. I felt that way about Trick-or-Treating last weekend too, so I'm not sure if we are to a stage where we are seeing things through our child's eyes and the world just seems like a better place, or if we just got really lucky two weekends in a row to have lots of fun!

Anyhow... I realized about a month ago that the state fair was back in town. I looked online to see when it was going on and saw the last weekend they were having a monster truck show!!! Of course we marked our calendar for that weekend since our boy is just slightly obsessed with monster trucks. It is all he plays with, and Monster Jam is on the t.v. seriously all day if I let it be (anyone who we are staying with in the coming month be sure to get an episode DVRed for his viewing pleasure!). When we first got to the fair they hadn't quite yet started any of the monster truck stuff yet so we did a couple rides.

Ryder and I on the huge slide... quite the walk up!
Dune Buggy Ride
After two rides we could hear them annoucing over the loud speakers that the Pre-Show Pit Party was starting. We headed over immediately so we could take advantage of any opportunity available. We heard we might be able to get a ride in a monster truck, and it was true!
Hog Wild
Our Ride!
My boys best attempt at a picture with Hog Wild...
Not sure it quite captured their excitement at the moment
This one capture it slightly better :)
Watching Hog Wild take off on a ride
The back of the truck we were going to get on
The next photo is of Ryder on the actual monster truck ride. I had tried to plan the moment out in my head. I purposely set it up so Derrik could sit next to Ryder to make sure he was ok during the ride, and put myself across from him for full photo opportunity. I wasn't going to ride, but paid the $5 just so I could snap photos of my boy enjoying his own little piece of heaven for a whole minute. After looking at the photos today though, I realized it just looks like a bunch of photos of Ryder sitting in a seat. Sooo bummed because it was anything but that! We got to go super fast, over all the jumps, and our boy was beyond thrilled! We were bouncing all around, and I have to say it was even a pretty huge thrill ride for us adults too!!! So Mommy fail on opting for the photos instead of the video. If I could have done both I would have, but I had to make the decision.... so try your best to gather all the excitement going on through this one picture... it does slightly say it all....
Giving the driver of Hog Wild a high five after the ride
After our ride we got to go see all the other monster trucks that were going to be in the show, meet the drivers, and get autographs. Ryder had zero interest in the autographs or meeting the drivers, but was SO excited to "touch" the monster trucks.
Trying to take it all in...

Daddy and Ryder with El Perro Loco
Finally getting to touch a "mighty mega monster truck" as Ryder likes to call them
Checking out the tires with the driver of Obsession
Wow... this picture surely does not show how thrilled he was...
sometimes the camera just doesn't say it all
Umm... just kind of thought this was a cute candid of the little guy...
Such goofy boys enjoying the fair special... a corn dog
After the corn dog disappeared the monster truck show started. Ryder seriously FREAKED out!!! He was out of his seat, screaming, throwing his hands in the air, clapping, shaking... he could not have possibly been more excited about anything else in the entire world.
What all the freaking out was about...
and this...
One of his excited faces...
And another....
I have videos of the monster trucks and Ryder watching them that i'll post after I get this up
Once the show was over we headed back to the rides. Ryder was also really thrilled about the rides, and i'm sure that would have been a pretty fun night too BUT the monster trucks definitely stole the show in our little guys eyes.
Waiting his turn in line for his first roller coaster ride
Roller Coaster with Daddy
It was kind of hard to get pictures... this was the best one
Another ride....
Daddy making sure he doesn't slide down...
Such a good Daddy :)
Then we went back to the slides for one last ride to waste our tickets...
It was late and we were tired!!!

I wish these picture did more justice for the thrill Ryder had last night. It was so exciting to be able to take him to see something he loves so so much!

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