Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

What a great Halloween! It was the perfect start to the holiday season, and we truly got to see how awesome it is going to be this year. Ryder did so awesome with Halloween! Ryder was Nemo from the moving Finding Nemo this year. We tried to find some kind of Cars costume, but they were all just car boxes with straps to hang on his shoulders. We went for Ryder's second favorite movie and got the Nemo costume. Halloween somehow became a week long celebration for us. We started it out on Wednesday at Tricia's house. She had a little Halloween party with the kids in the daycare and invited Ryder. Saturday night we went to the "Field of Screams" celebration at the baseball stadium, and we topped it off with Trick-or-Treating last night. Derrik's basketball partner (and sometimes football partner) invited us up to his neighborhood to go out with his kids.

Page and Tricia's Halloween Party
Our Little Nemo
Ryder (Nemo), Page (strawberry), and Gabe (Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba)
(Ryder's head piece had a squeaker on the top that he loved to squeak)
And he thought it was WAYYY cooler to squeak it when it was on Page's head
and easier to get to!
Page and Tricia (Bun in the Oven)
"Field of Scream" Festival

This was kind of a let down, but was good practice for Ryder to put his costume on and see lots of other people all dressed up. It would have been great except they had four little kid rids, and like ten booths set up for well over a thousand people. I don't think they were expecting the turnout they got. Ryder was very interested in the rides, but the wait was well over an hour for any of them. We somehow coaxed him away from them, and headed home.
Spring Training Stadium for Halloween....
Isn't that like an oxy-moron?
Trick-or-Treating in Estrella

I had told Derrik I had no expectations for the trick-or-treating aspect of Halloween for Ryder. Obviously I wanted him to have a blast, but wouldn't have been shocked if we only made it to one house before he was over it. We met up with Derrik's basketball partner Roger who had an awesome Halloween tent set up with lots of food and a big group of kids getting ready to head out for some candy. On the way there we worked on Ryder saying "trick-or-treat", and he nailed it! We must have heard it a hundred times before we got there. When it was time to get started we followed the crowd, Daddy walked Ryder up for the first house, I walked him up for the second house, and after that he kind of just followed the crowd of kids! We did one road, and another, and another, which lead to a block, after another block, after another block. Before we knew it Ryder's bucket was full, we were back at Roger's cul-de-sac, and Ryder was NOT done! He was sooo disappointed it was over!

Ryder's costume was such a hit. I can't tell you how many times we heard "look at how cute Nemo is", "Look it's Finding Nemo", "OMG look at the tail wag"... everyone just thought he was the cutest... along with his Mommy and Daddy :)

Heading out with Daddy
Our 1st Stop with Daddy
Our 2nd house with Mommy
Then he decided he's got this and didn't need us!
Taking a break for a tootsie roll
Look at all that candy!!!
Happy Halloween 2010
We Love You Nemo :)
Time to check out the candy
And finally bandages up the boo-boos from a missed step while trick-or-treating

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