Sunday, November 21, 2010

Uncle Love

BIG Mommy Fail... totally forgot my camera last night. I must have been too focused on getting Ryder's neccesities and it slipped my mind. Anyhow... we went to see Me-Maw, Poppy, and Ryder's Uncles last night. Unfortunately we hadn't seen them in a year (a seriously big downfall to this year long rehab), and we got him excited to go over there by telling him they had lots of Geo-Trax.

Check out this track!!!
I'm sure our small one at home will never be sufficient after this!
So we did bribe him to be excited over the geo-trax, but he kind of made himself at home the second he went through the door. You would honestly think he saw his Me-Maw and Poppy every single day. There was lots of family over there so we didn't get any pictures of Ryder with them, but trust me he was lovin' on them. We'll be sure to get some this week... Me-Maw is good at escaping from every picture. I'm not going to let it happen this trip!

Sometimes I get sad that we have such young siblings (and brothers in their 20s that can't seem to keep a girlfriend)so that Ryder won't have cousins close to his age, but who cares... he has uncles and aunties that fill that void. It was so sweet to watch Ryder play so great with his uncles. Cole is at a perfect age where he can still play on the same level as Ryder, but has the patience to just give into Ryder and deal with him. Dalton and Ryder even played pretty decent together too... although they both have the same exact personality which allowed them to have a screaming match or two at each other.

Ryder and Uncle Cole
(Uncle Cole is missing all sorts of teeth and looks so adorable)
I asked Dalton to get on the couch and take a picture with the boys. He told me to hold on and came back like this. He wasn't being grouchy... I can guarantee you he was fully cheesing underneath this face mask... how cute!!!
The boys wrestling after we got them in their PJs

Ryder is so in love with his uncles, Me-Maw, and Poppy! (Uncle Tommy might have some work to do... haha... Uncle Tommy is always too busy hanging out with Derrik when we visit). I can't wait to watch him with them more this week :) He went to bed last night saying all their names to me!

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