Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Phoenix Zoo

Tricia and Page got season passses to the Phoenix Zoo, and we've been trying to work out a time to go for a while now with them. Our original plans fell through a while back when Ryder got sick so we tried again today. It was a perfect day weather wise, and both kids seem to be on their best behavior which made it easier :)

Ryder on the carousel..
for some reason no other rides make him nervous except this
The awesome giraffe we got to feed!!!
Tricia and Page feeding him
Ryder and I feeding him
They give the parents really small pellets instead of lettuce so the tongue will touch you
And apparently I acted like a complete girl over the situation
The nice rushed picture the guy in charge took for us
Ryder and I looking at the rhinos
(dinosaurs as Ryder thought they were)
This picture doesn't do much justice, but it was Ryder's favorite part of the day
The Choo-Choo
At the petting zoo
This one started charging towards Ryder and he was OUT OF THERE!
The kids on the tractor
On the way out we were talking about how great the kids were and how there was only one really small melt down....

Once in the car this happened!

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Tricia said...

It was a fun day! And as far as the last picture goes... I can't believe you took Minnie Mouse away! LOL! And she has forgiven you! No need to worry, she was asking if you guys were coming over this morning, so she's already forgotten! :)