Sunday, November 21, 2010

Boy and Basketball

Yesterday morning Ryder's Papi came over for a bit with his girlfriend Julie and her two boys, Andrew and Alex, to play at the playground and shoot some hoops. Derrik's cousin Noah came over as well. It was just what Ryder needed. After a long travel day and unfamiliar faces and places he needed to let lose and be a little boy for a bit!

Noah and Derrik with a hat that obviously needs to be passed onto Ryder
(P.S. - He will NEVER give up this sweat suit outfit... a little outdated huh?)
Ryder showing the guys his skills
Some swing time with Papi
Noah and Ryder
Ronnie and Julie
Derrik playing ball with the little guys.
They did all the running, and Derrik and Ronnie just kind of stood there.
Papi with all of his boys
Ronnie, Derrik, Noah,
Alex, Ryder, and Andrew

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