Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baby Lutz #2 Update: Week 15

How Far Along: 15 Weeks (I forgot to mention in last weeks e-mail that I was officially in the 2nd Trimester!)

Size of Baby: 4 inches long

Fruit Size (According to my e-mail from Apple

Total Weight Gain: 2 pounds

Maternity Clothes: I gave in... I wore two pair this week. I don't know which is worse though - tight pants around the tummy or dealing with that awful belly band. I need to start really trying on all the pants though to decide what I will be taking with me to Pennsylvania and Massachusetts because during that time period i'm sure i'll be exclusively in maternity jeans and leggings.

Gender: I am so excited to find out! One week from tomorrow. We also have names narrowed down minus a girl middle name. I told Derrik that we have to have the name 100% before we head home so we can make the decision on our own and not start getting lots of opinions.

Movement: I think so this week :)

Food Cravings: Honestly I'm just not a fan of food right now

Labor Signs: (no comment until third trimester or so)

Sleep: Still great... this is one thing i'm really amazing at while pregnant! I could do it all day every day.

How’s Ryder Handling It: Still good. He thinks it's all a fun game right now. It's all fun and games until we bring a baby home and s/he rocks his world! Funny story from this week... Our friend's Brittany and Travis welcomed baby Zander into the world last week (congrats guys!!!). Brit had sent a picture last week of Zander, and I asked Ryder if he wanted to see a picture of Baby Zander because he's so big into babies. He started crying saying "Nooooo.... Baby Sister!" I think he just thinks that is the name of the baby. Hopefully when/if we find out it's a Baby Brother next week we can wipe the Baby Sister idea from his mind!

What is the same/different as the last time: Same - tired and cranky... Different - Nauscious still and headaches

Symptoms: I don't think i've mentioned the headaches much yet. I feel like the list to complain about is always so long! I've been getting the most awful headaches. Just yesterday I had Derrik bring home some Tylonel from the field to start taking. I had been just dealing with them because I hate popping more pills, but they are just making me miserable. It seemed to help yesterday so hopefully that is the answer :)

Best Moment This Week: Being pretty certain that I've felt the baby move quite a few times this week!

What I Am Looking Forward To: Same as last week... 8 days until we find out the sex! 8 1/2 days until we board a plane to head back east to all our family!!! HINT... it'll be the same next week too except with a 1 day countdown!!!

AND... some photos on this 15th week...

A Belly Comparison

What do you think?
My opinion: very different shape and lower,
but in general the same size for the most part
This is What Ryder looked like at our 15 week ultrasound
AND... That was the ultrasound we found out he was a BOY!
The reason Derrik and I so strongly believe that #2 is a boy is because our ultrasound a few weeks ago was from this same exact angle. We both saw the exact same three dots on the ultrasound picture... I guess we will all know next week, but I figured since we found out at 15 weeks with Ryder i'd show the picture so everyone could see what i've been talking about!


Tricia said...

Yay!!! So exciting! And I know Derrik claims you look bigger alreeady this time (that's right, I'm going to bust him out), but I don't think you look much bigger! You are carrying diffrently this time. I am, too! Page was much more watermelon and higher, whereas Logen is much more basketball and lower! I still say GIRL!

Meant to be a mom said...

Try the gap for some maternity jeans that don't have the band that goes over your belly. They have the adjustable waist maternity jeans. I love mine.

Also the headaches. I completely understand, I didn't have them with my first but I'm getting then now all the time. I hope yours get better.

I love that Ryder said "no baby sister". HAHA. He's just going to have to get used to it because a baby is coming no matter what :)

It sounds like your doing good. Can't wait to hear when you find out. You look great by the way :)