Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Proud Frustrated Momma

So I took a bunch of really cute pictures of my boys playing basketball with family today. I intended on blogging about that, but my cord to the camera is in the room Ryder is napping in. I am NOT risking waking him up so i'll just write instead.

Anyhow about that proud frustrated thing... I was so proud of Ryder on our trip out here. We had a red eye from Phoenix to Harrisburg (Thursday night/Friday morning). We gave Ryder a late nap, and he then just stayed up on our ride to the airport at 10 pm and until our flight at 12:30 am. He was so excited to see the airplane, get on the airplane, and watch take off. As soon as we were in the air we got his blankies out and all crashed for the full four hours flight. None of us slept hard. There was lots of shifting, moving, readjusting, but for the most part our little ones eyes stayed closed and the intent was there. We got to Detroit around 6 in the morning (4 am Arizona time), and he was still great. We ate some breakfast and just walked him in his stroller during the layover because he wouldn't sleep, but was so groggy. Our second flight was short, only about an hour and a half, but was the one we all slept so great on. It was a small plane so Derrik had to sit in a different row since all the rows were only two seats. Ryder had asked me for his monster trucks, but I told him to wait until we were in the air. I somehow nodded off between heading out to the run way and getting up in the air because I woke up in the air with a little guys sitting up with his head limp. He was out cold! I laid him down on my lap and we both took a good hard nap until we landed. He did good yesterday once we got in. He was decent towards family, played with toys, took a nap for us, and even sat through a high school play Derrik's cousin Taylor was in after very little sleep!!! I was so proud. I was really nervous how he would do sleeping on an air mattress in the same room as us. It is our first go around without a pack n play while traveling since we had transitioned to a big boy bed. He went to sleep great last night too. He was up on and off (just crying... not really awake) for three hours in the middle of the night. I think he was just over exhausted, confused, and not feeling too great. He then got himself into a deep sleep and we all slept until 9 am! He is napping now again and was such a cutie pie at the basketball courts this morning.

The frustrated part.... he's not listening! It's the basic get dressed, change diaper, eat food, listen to anything we say part that is just making me crazy!!! I think he has a little cold (we all do... it's the great gift heading into the cold gives us every time!)that I could blame this "attitude" on, but honestly he just stinks at traveling. He stinks at getting use to a bunch of new faces, thinking he can get away with anything and Mommy laying the law down, and realizing things can't always be Ryder's way.

This is me taking a DEEEEEEEP breath... enjoying the times when he's being sweet... and letting the rest go... it's because he's two right? All two year old do this? HAHA... hopefully!

We are so thankful to be here with family, and I guess if it takes having a cranky kid we'll just roll with it.

Maybe those cute basketball pictures will be up tomorrow during naptime so I don't have to rant!!! :)

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~Rachel said...

I happen to know how it feels to be a mama of a little one who doesn't transition. Traveling can be wonderful and then it can be not-so-wonderful! Jackson does not like change so anytime we travel, we have to deal with that. He has come a LONG way since he was 2-3 so hang in there. It will get better my friend!

The other good other 2 have done wonderful with traveling from day 1!