Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baby Lutz #2 Update: Week 16 AND Some Stream of Consciousness

Sorry for the chopped off head... it wasn't pretty!
I was running around all day and not showered for the picture.

How Far Along: 16 Weeks

Size of Baby: 4 1/2 inches long

Fruit Size (According to my e-mail from Avacado

Total Weight Gain: 2 pounds (I forgot to weigh myself, but it was still two pounds early in the week.. I had the flu over the weekend so lets just say weigh gain wasn't exactly happening this week)

Maternity Clothes: Some jeans

Gender: Less then 12 hours and we should know! I fully intend on drinking a caffeinated beverage on our way in to get the little one moving around.... no crossed legs for this baby! Still no middle name for baby girl. Derrik suggested ONE name, and immediatley says no to anything I suggest. I want names so i'll just probably go with the one he picked. I'm not too picky.

Movement: Without a doubt! I can honestly feel the baby quite often. Sometime it even makes me jump it's so unexpected. Derrik can't actually feel the movement (I am going to test it out tonight if s/he is moving around), but can feel the big lump the baby makes in my belly at times.

Food Cravings: Still not a huge fan of food... especially after the round of the flu I had this weekend.

Labor Signs: (no comment until third trimester or so)

Sleep: Great... except this morning... i'll share why further down :)

How’s Ryder Handling It: Good :) He's excited to take the baby to the doctor tomorrow to see him/her on the t.v. again. "Baby go to doctor... t.v.... pictures" We keep telling him we will know if he has a brother or a sister, but he's kind of clueless to that part.

What is the same/different as the last time: We've hit a pretty good point in the pregnancy right now. I guess it's that wonderful secodn trimester... just feeling pregnant now.... like last time :)

Symptoms: Everything i've had in the past weeks, but much more subtle thankfully

Best Moment This Week: Laying down almost every night and feeling the baby. Having so much fun with Tricia and Page yesterdy at the bounce place. AND seeing what a great job my boys did together on Sunday surviving without me while I was so sick.

What I Am Looking Forward To: I'm not even going to bother writing it! I can not wait to find out :) WOOHOO!!! AND... we can not wait to see Derrik's family in the coming week!

Stream of Consciousness Time Baby:

Why I couldn't sleep well last night... I woke up to go pee like I do every night (not baby related... this is unfortunatley a norm for me every single night always)and I checked my phone (another norm... I like to know the time). I had a text on my phone from my friend Heather saying her water had broke! She wasn't due until Christmas Eve which put her just over five weeks early. My mind was obviously racing once I saw the text, and I could not sleep. At the end of the day thought Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Nash are all doing great. Nash is in the NICU for a couple days just for observation because he's early, but appears to be doing wonderfully. I can not wait to share a phone call with Heather tomorrow to hear all about their first day :) Our whole baseball community is just so thankful he is healthy... I think he just wanted to show up Zander being two weeks early a couple weeks ago... who showed up Ryder being ten days early two years ago. These boys are so competitive already. Another reason why we NEED a girl in our little group... geez! Anyhow.. my phone seemed like it was going off all day (it was the same with Zander a couple weeks ago), I was packing for our trip, and trying to get ready for family pictures this afternoon. On top of that Derrik dropped his phone in his drink last night and it was dead... I really thought I was going to see him cry for the 2nd time ever in our five years together or punch a wall. He was NOT happy! They replaced it for free at apple... but that was after driving through rush hour to get to the mall from downtown Phoenix for our pictures and then waiting for an appointment at 7:40. UGH... i'm exhausted. I think this day was planned so I wouldn't sit around waiting all day for our appointment tomorrow. I am getting a really sore throat though. I am sick every single time we go to Pennsylvania. The people there must think I am just always sick. I was hoping it would get better, but it seems to just be getting worse throughout the day. We'll see... after the flu last weekend I really don't want to deal with being sick anymore. I'm off to go snuggle my hubby... and try to talk girl middle names a little more. Our appointment is at 8:20 tomorrow with the ultrasound at 8:45... hopefully we'll have an annoucement soon after!

P.S. - Our guess the sex poll on our blog stats:

Boy - 44.19% (19 Votes)
Girl - 55.81% (24 Votes)
Pretty close, but looks like GIRLS win... we'll see!

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