Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Saying Good-Bye

I'm not exactly sure when this whole leaving Arizona thing for a month was supposed to be sad. Have we really been here long enough that I am genuinely sad that we won't be seeing friends of ours for over a month. The fact that we have been stuck out here for that long... not thrilled at all... the fact that we've found some of the best friends out here... totally thrilled!!!

Tricia's daycare schedule has been really off lately leaving her typically with one of the babies when we venture out. This week she had both, but it was also our last week together before we left. We decided to brave leaving the house with an almost three year old, two year old, nine month old, I think eight month old (possibly 7), 8 month preggo belly, and 3 month preggo belly. I'm pretty sure we looked nuts lugging all those kids and needed a "the ones in the baby carriers AREN'T ours!" sticker stuck to our foreheads, but whatever! We took the kids to a placed called Pump It Up which has tons of indoor bounce houses. It was perfect. Ryder and Page had so much fun, and both the babies were great. There were probably twenty-ish people there total with six inflatable contraptions. It was the perfect amount of people. Plus the $8 it cost beats the cost of some of those tumble time places!

I say we'll be back, but when we get back Tricia's little bundle will be here which would leave us with me having a huge belly, two toddlers, and three babies. We'll see how brave we feel come those days, but we can dream right :)

We are SO sad to be leaving our friends for the next month+... While we are gone Baby Logen will arrive, and we are SO sad we can't be here to watch Page and see little Logen as a true newborn. You can bet i'll be at their house to hold him within days (maybe the day) of being back though!!!

I took some pictures of today, but honestly the videos are better...

Ryder and Page on the big slide

Ryder giving his best buddy a big huge....

they aren't much for hugging for some reason so it was cute :)

P.S. - 1 1/2 days until we find out the sex of baby #2

I honestly might not even be able to sleep tonight I am so excited.

I can't even tell you how disapointed i'll be if the baby has his/her legs crossed on Thursday!

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Tricia said...

We are going to miss you guys SO much, too! It breaks my heart when Page is asking for Ryder already! I know she won't understand how long it will be, so I keep telling her ater Logen is born. You guys better be here RIGHT after you get back! :( Have a great time and I'll try not to bother you too much while you're gone! :)