Thursday, May 12, 2011

All Squeaky Clean

The first week alone having Derrik come late nights really threw my emotions out of whack. I hated being alone and hated not having someone around to constantly take in Landon's newborn cuteness with me. Although my first option will ALWAYS being to have my husband home with me I have learned to appreciate that two hour period between when Ryder is tucked into bed and Derrik arrives home. I can feed Landon without being interrupted to put a new show on tv for Ryder, fill his milk cup, get a snack, or any of the other requests he mangages to come up with during the course of a day. After I give him a sponge bath (we are still waiting for one last spot on his belly button to dry up). He smells soooo yummy afterwards!! Then I take him into our room, put a good show tv, and lay on the bed with Landon. He is usually wide awake, and I so cherish this time with him. I'm trying really hard to make sure I still give Ryder lots of one on one attention and make sure I'm not constantly throwing Landon in another baby contraption. We've found a nice routine that is working for us, and I truly feel like i'm getting lots of time with both of them.

Anyhow... a few pictures from our post bath time the other night...

Thank you for the bath towel Smith Family :)

Landon's very last newborn diaper

Love baby feet

Really... I have at least fifty photos of his feet :)

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