Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our last few days with family

As I wrote yesterday all of our family is gone now. I could not have enjoyed our time with them any more, and tried so hard to enjoy every second of it without thinking how it won't last very long. The first night Derrik's mom was in town we all went to the pool and grilled out. It was gorgeous out. It felt so nice to get some fresh air and let Ryder swim.

Baby Landon enjoying some Auntie Ally time

I miss them more then they'll ever know!
Ryder had SO much fun in the pool with Aunt Cindy

Me-Maw, Daddy, and Baby Landon

Love our baby boy :)

What a special treat to have both his grandma's around :)

MeMaw and Landon

Enjoying the amazing weather

The following morning Ryder heard Landon in his crib and climbed up like this to check on him. I snapped this picture with my phone really quick

When I came back my mom had Ryder in the crib with Landon. It was so cute watching Ryder check Landon out.

Getting tired of all these face shots? Because i'm not... haha

Show baby brother his toys

Grammy and her boys

We went to the park that morning. My mom felt like we should get Ryder out of the house as much as possible because she knows Derrik works a lot and it'll be a while before I get the courage to go out with them on my own :)

Ryder honestly thinks the world of his Auntie Ally

First park trip

And a little time at the splash pad...

Thanks so much for coming out.... we miss you all terribly! Feel free to come back :)

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