Monday, May 2, 2011

Mommy Photo Shoot and some 1 Week Landon info

Today Landon and I decided to skip nap time and take advantage of some alone time for a little photo shoot....

And some non-photo shoot pictures from the past day....

Practicing some tummy time so we don't have a flat head like big brother

A sign of true love and acceptance...

Ryder gave Landon his blankie

And later in the day came into the room and told me Landon was cold and covered him with his blankie again... then crawled into the bed to "cuddle with Landon"

The little guy after our photo shoot today... I pooped him out

Big Brother watching Umi-Zoomi on t.v. after nap

So... I've decided to breast feed this time around. It's going amazing, and i've been waiting for Ryder to notice or make a comment about the whole situation. It finally happened today. He came up and kind of inspected the situation and then in a really concerned voice said "Landon... why are you biting Mommy?!".... I told him that Landon was just eating, and he walked away with no questions. I love my clueless two year old :)

Landon at 1 1/2 weeks

Sleep: It's been amazing so far. You are starting to gradually wake up form you newborn coma and let us enjoy some awake time with you, but still sleep most of the time. Your first two nights home you slept for six hour stretches really letting us catch up after the hospital stay. Since then you've been up twice a night. You seem to wake up around midnight and three or two and five. Either way you've been great about eating and going right back to sleep. You like to sleep on your side which is great as far as i'm concerned because we don't want a flat head like your brother. I've been alternating sides every night and you seem to like it. You also love to be swaddled! Ryder hated it, but I realized you sleep much better when you are all wrapped up. Keep up the good work sweet heart... we're liking our sleep!

Diapers: The first few days we were so concerned you weren't peeing and pooping. That all changed about two days after being home from the hospital. Since then you have a poopy diaper at every feeding and about twice as many pee diapers. You consistently pee through your diapers and clothes, have peed all over us multiple times, and even had a projectile poop yesterday!!! Ryder peed on us maybe 3-4 times ever and never had that poop thing going on... you've managed to show him up in a week. Lets not try to over do it :)

The Paci: You like the pacifier, but aren't as crazy over it as Ryder was as a baby. I'm curious to see if you become more attached to it or just give it up over time.

Feedings: So I decided to give this breastfeeding stuff a shot. Currently you have not had a single bottle due to the lack of a breast pump at the moment. It is being over-nighted to us so hopefully we can start you on a bottle some by tomorrow. I actually don't feel the need for a bottle, but know down the road i'll want you to take one so Mommy can get a break every once in a while. I'm hoping you take to it good. Judging by how great you are doing with the breastfeeding and still taking a pacifier I don't think we'll have a problem. I think we've past our hardest hurdles so far, and this is a for sure thing. I struggled in the hospital, and I think everyone thought I was going to give up. The day we left the hospital the doctor thought you should take a formula bottle because of your lack of wet diapers, but luckily my milk came in that night. You've been a champ ever since! You were 7lb 15oz at birth, dropped to 7lb 4oz in the hospital, and by Thursday (5 days old) you were at 7lb 11oz. The doctor was very impressed! I can't wait to see what you are at when we go back to the doctor this week.

Landon... You are sweet as can be. I've surprisingly managed to get lots of cuddle time with you even with your big brother around. Thanks to your hard working Daddy the only thing I have to focus on is the two of you which makes my life so much easier. I am so sad each night when I put you to bed because your another day older when we wake up. Slow it down a little bit sweetie :)


Sarah said...

the last two pics from ur photo shoot remind me so much of a few from mckinlees. u can see them in my fb album. he is so cute!!!

The Denoves said...

Great Pics!!!!! Love the back ground of the black and white fav!