Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Friday

A happy Friday it is around here... two Fridays ago Landon wasn't even here yet. I was anticipating a date night with my hubby and my family's arrival into town. Last Friday I was beyond sad that my family would be leaving early the next morning. This Friday we get to enjoy our new normal... our new family. This week we've done lots of adjusting to how things are done around here now that we are a family of four. Luckily sleep hasn't been too much of an issue, but Derrik's crazy work schedule has. I've left the house on my own for doctors appointments, to go to our friend Tricia's house, and even braved Target on my own yesterday... even if it was a mad dash praying no one threw a tantrum! We survived... actually it went perfect. I finally feel human again and like this new normal is exactly what life should feel like as a family of four:)

Back to my Happy Friday post.... I remember when Friday's consisted of the end of a five day work week in the office, sneaking off to talk with my friends I worked with about our night out, anxiously planning my dart out of the office at 5 to go get a new outfit at the mall and head home to get ready, and then a night of fun on the town. If you would have told me back then that puzzles and tummy time in the morning, a night at home with my husband and two sons, some DVRed shows, some steaks for dinner, and just enjoying a night at home together would sound so fun and amazing I probably would have thought you were crazy.... I was so wrong though! Anxiously awaiting that two o'clock hour when my husband walks through the door and doesn't have to leave for any other work until tomorrow morning!!! I can't wait :)

I have been awful about using my phone for pictures because it's so convenient to just text them out to people. I made myself grab my camera this morning and get some picture of the boys....

Tummy time for this little guy... he's not crazy over it, but doesn't hate it as long as it's an awake period for him. He just tries to eat his hand the whole time.

Ryder taking a break from racing his cars to watch some UmiZoomi

Chloe was in DESPERATE need of a hair cut. I had Derrik drop her off to get groomed this week and he told them to cut her short and really make sure her ears were short... apparently they took it to heart and just shaved her! At least she can see again :)

Look who truly held his brother for the first time this morning... AND smiled for the camera!! This lasted about 30 seconds which is an eternity for Ryder :)

Have to share a few shots since it might not happen again for a while

Landon looks excited for this kiss huh?

I just loveeee those forehead wrinkles

Ugh oh! He wiggled his way off the Boppy pillow

My Cutie Pie

Someone pooped out on us....

So we watch cartoons ALLLLLLL morning... until 10 when Regis and Kelly come on.

I've brainwashed Ryder that Kelly is pretty (well I mean she is... but I get him excited about it)

This is his face as she walks out at the start of the show, and then he'll tell me "Kelly's on Mommy" :) Love him!

Working hard on his new puzzles we got

Landon had a check up yesterday. He was up to 8 pounds 6 ounces!! (for my records... he was 7lb15oz at birth, 7lb 4oz when we left the hospital at 2 days, 7lb11oz at 5 days, and 8lbs6oz at 12 days.. no bottles as of yet) The doctor thought everything checked out perfect with our little guy. We go back again at six weeks... and get shots yuck!


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