Saturday, May 7, 2011

Splash Pad

We we're really excited when we learned Page's Daddy had a meeting this Saturday because that meant that they were free to hang out this morning! We decided to take the kids to the splash pad. It is beyond hot out here already... 100+ degrees! The splash pad was packed, but the park fifty feet away looked deserted. I'd say it was successful for our first trip out with our four kids. Granted last November we looked crazy with our two older kids, two pregnant bellies, and two of her almost one year old daycare kids. People gave us crazy stares then... this time though it was our own four kids :) Ryder was great at the splash pad, and Landon slept most of the time. We went to McDonald's after to let the kids play some more and get some lunch, but Ryder of course had a melt down since it was approaching nap time. Landon also woke up and wanted to eat! Tricia was sweet enough to watch Ryder while I nursed Landon in the handicapped stall of the bathroom. About five minutes after Landon was done Ryder went from melt down to melt down with a tantrum. I manged to carry a screaming toddler and newborn out on my own... even if the whole restaurant was starring at us. I also ended up lugging two bags, Landon in his carrier, and Ryder up three flights of stairs when we got home. Ryder walked in the house and got into bed on his own immediately... he was exhauted! Once we got all settled though I still felt like it was worth it because we had a lot of fun at the splash pad with our friends :)

Love that I caught him mid jump

I guess he got a little thristy

I can't tell you how much I love that smile... when you can tell he's really enjoying life :)

Makes you feel good as a mom when you see that.

Landon enjoying his time at the park

I swear just yesterday Logen was the size of Landon... it's a sad reminder of how fast they grow up :(

The big bucket of water had just dumped right in front of them...

Pretty sure Ryder is giving Page the "how cool is that?!" look

Those two faces (plus Page) are one of the only reasons we'll be sad to leave Arizona in a couple months

I think he was trying to decide if he liked the water or not

I asked Tricia to snap a picture of Landon and I since i'm always the one behind the camera :)


Tricia said...

We had the best time! And both of the kids are still sleeping, so that means it was definitely a success!!

Liz said...

Love those socks!! And the photo of you and Landon is great :) I have that same problem usually... I'm always the one behind the camera ...