Sunday, May 15, 2011

iPhone Picture and Baseball Update

Still loving life and soaking in every second with my boys.... we've been spending lots of time at parks, playing, and enjoying time together...

I just loveee his naked little body wrapped in a blanket

I'm pretty in love with my new nap time partner

The face of a baby who just enjoyed a good meal...
Milk Coma

Post nap cuddle time :)

Landon sporting shorts for the first time the other day.

They were huge, but all his newborn clothes are long sleeves and pants, and it's just too hot at the parks right now for that.

Big Brother enjoying some time at the park at one of Daddy's games

Wish he'd stay this small and nap on me forever :)

Check out that tummy! I think it's time to give up on the newborn onesies!!

Enjoying some time pool side while Daddy cooks dinner on the grill

Ryder mastered the rock wall at the park

And Landon was working on his favorite hobby... sleep... not complaining :)

Ryder playing "race" once again... I love how much he's elaborated on this. He uses Guido (the forklift) to pretend to get tires to change Lightning McQueen's tires, and yesterday loaded all the race cars into Mack (the semi truck who carries McQueen) to bring them to the races and drove it around the apartment. I love watching his mind work to create stuff.

Baseball Update: Derrik threw his last bullpen session yesterday. If everything goes as planned he should throw for live BP (batting practice) this week. The following week he should have a simulatd game and his first real game!! The schedule changes up a little all the time, but I don't imagine it changing too much from this. He is feeling good. It's not great, but who would feel great after two surgeries in two years? He's pushing through it all and will hopefully be playing baseball here again soon. I honestly can't even comprehend the idea it's been so long. I get butterflies in my belly thinking about sitting in the stands watching him pitch again. I can't even imagine the reaction Ryder will give when he gets to see it :) We have a BIGGGGG month or two ahead in our family. We are cautiously optimistic that this rehab stage will be behind us soon... lots of prayers please :)

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