Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Firsts

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. Derrik still had baseball one Monday so it was kind of a normal Monday to us, but we're really enjoying him not working at night lately which is kind of a holiday all in itself :)

We had lots of first this weekend...

I had my first workout this weekend. I worked out Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Nothing to strenuous until I get cleared by the doctor on Thursday, but just running and doing some light weights is enough for me! I can feel it in every part of my body... in a good way of course, but wow i'm out of shape. I'm working out at the gym in our apartment complex. I was looking for something a little more intense, but no gym will let me sign up for just a month for less then $70. Just not going to work on our budget. So the apartment gym will work just fine, and I can't wait to join a gym once I get to Florida so I can do some spin classes!!

Landon slept without his swaddle last night! He has slept half the night without it, but then I put it on for really no reason at all. He did great without it so I guess it's a goner. We'll see if it lasts.

Landon had his first fussy evening. It was sad. It lasted about 3ish hours. He wasn't really screaming crying, but was definitely crying and not quickly consoled as soon as we picked him up like usually. It took some rocking, adjusting, loving, a bath, and some more loving to get him to doze off to sleep. We had a two hour marathon of The Bachelorette to watch last night so I let him sleep on me until we went to bed and put him to bed to asleep. This is a big no no to me, but it was a sad night for him. We're allowed to break the rules sometimes :) He seems fine today. I guess we're all allowed bad nights sometimes.

And of course the first everyone really wants to hear about... Derrik's first game!! It went great!! It was kind of a trial run. Let me try to explain it all for everyone interested in a non confusing way. The team Derrik will be pitching for out here right now is considered Extended Spring Training. All the teams have it. It's for all the guys they don't make a team out of camp. Anyhow... They had a camp day on Saturday. That means instead of playing another team they play each other. During camp days they can change the rules up some to get all their work in. They wanted Derrik to throw two sets of twenty at about 90% effort. The first inning he got five outs and the sixth guy hit a home run before his 20 pitches were up. Pretty impressive :) The second inning he got four outs. He had no elbow pain and said he felt like an 8 out of 10 out there. Pretty good for a guy fresh off of back to back surgeries! He will throw in games this week (tenatively Wed and Sat), and next week. The weekend of the 11th-12th they have off while the MLB Draft is taking place. After that extended spring training is over and they form a league called the AZL. At this point it appears Derrik will be at the discretion of the pitching coordinator for the Reds instead of the rehab trainer. He is the guy who will make the decision as to when and where Derrik will go. It will probably be another couple of weeks at that point, but only time will tell.

I'm trying to be patient. Do you know how hard it is to sit here with a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 1/2 month old knowing that a move is coming, but having no idea how or when it will all go down. Derrik will most likely find out a day in advance where he is going... the possibilities range from Ohio, California, and North Carolina. He could possibily end up at them all or just one in the coming months. Me.. well i'm most likely going to Florida, but have to try to somewhat plan how to get our two cars to their respective places, all our stuff and our dog to my parents, travel with the two kids on my own most likely, shut off cable, electric, and water, forward our mail, get all our stuff packed, get things finalized with our apartment, and i'm sure there is a lot more that i'm forgetting. It's hard to plan ahead because I don't know if this will happen in two weeks, a month, or just not happen like last year. For someone like me who likes to plan stuff like this ahead of time... it's when baseball becomes a struggle for me. I'm pretty sure I drive Derrik NUTS talking about it, but I just can't help myself :) Hoping I stay sane in the coming weeks!!

And some pictures....

Yes.. he has on big boy undies

No he doesn't pee in them (just poops.. on purpose and then tells us about it)

No he doesn't go in the potty

Yes.. he goes in his diaper at nap and bed time
No I have no clue why he won't go on the potty

Pretty sure it's just because he gets a kick out of making his Daddy and I crazy!

Ignore poor Landon's double chin... and focus on the cutest baseball t-shirt ever

This team holds such a special place in our hearts

I grew up watching them every summer while on vacation

My grandparents hosted these ball players in their home when my mom was growing up
and I later married one of these ball players that played for this team :)

Bad hair day?

In honor of the upcoming Cars 2 movie

Mater Teeth Lollipop

And that's all folks :)

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Jen said...

Jackson had his first fussy night also! I'm so glad I'm not alone...I wanted to cry. :( Glad our boys are back to normal!