Saturday, May 21, 2011


Ugh... what a day!!! I woke up this morning excited to hear my husbands 6:45am alarm clock and not "MOMMMMMMMY" through the baby monitor. Landon has been a great sleeper up once a night so far, but the past two nights he was up twice, and Ryder switched his 6:45-7:00 am wake up to 5:45-6:00ish.... needless to say I was excited he was back to normal this morning, and Landon only woke me up once :) I gave my hubby some kisses good-bye. Wished him good-luck on his first live BP about a million times before he left, and then quickly started getting the boys ready to meet up with Tricia and the kids at the splash pad. Pretty decent day lined up... then I get an awful text from my mom with a picture of my baby sister's body completley covered in road rash. Long story short she was at a friends riding a bike, flipped the handle bars when she hit a speed bump, and fell. She went down hill fast. My parents took her to the doctor with concerns of the road rash and because her ear was hurting, she was then taken by ambulance to the local hospital that has a trauma unit when she started puking and had blood in her ears at the doctors, and was transported up to Tampa with a skull fracture pretty soon after that where they had a pediatric neurosurgeon on call. It was a scary stressful day. I don't think i've ever heard my dad so upset in my entire life. As of right now Hailey is in the ICU up in Tampa. They are managing her pain and monitoring her. There isn't much they can do as long as things don't get worse. Praying she continues to get better and they are home soon.

It's days like today that I am so thankful for our friends and family. I felt so alone in my bedroom on the other side of the country not being able to rush to the hospital to comfort my baby sister. Thanks to facebook and phones I felt so much better with all the sweet message, texts, and phone calls from so many people. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who said a prayer for Hailey and our family today. It means the world to know she is so loved :)

And two pictures of my boys loving on each other... seriously... Ryder is so in love with his Baby Landon. I'm still in awe each and every day at how he is handling all of this!

P.S. - Derrik's live BP went great!!! Two simulated games next week and then the real thing the following Tuesday!! The count down is on :)

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