Monday, May 23, 2011

Landon Brennan - 1 Month

Wow!! One Month... so much for weekly posts. I'm still taking in the fact that we have two kids to care for. I can't believe you're one month!! I am so sad that in the last week Daddy has come home from work and told me you are definitely getting bigger. Grammy comments daily now on how much you are filling out. It is also becoming quite evident how much you're growing by the amount of stuff I have to store away already that you've outgrown.

Sleep: You are a great sleeper for a one month old. You must know i'm not a very nice person with little sleep and are cutting me some slack since we have no help out here. Thank you for this! Around 8:30, after we get Ryder tucked into bed, we head into our room. I get you jammied up, spend a little time on the bed enjoying some quality one on one uninterrupted time with you, and then feed you a bottle. After about two weeks I started giving you a bottle with pumped milk to make sure you were getting a nice good feeding in to help ensure a long stretch of sleep. Usually around nine I put you into your swaddle, which you love by the way, and tuck you into bed. You currently sleep on your sleep postioner and like a receiving blanket wrapped tightly around that as well. You lay down awake and fall asleep within 10-20 minutes. Some nights you just lay their wide eyed until your eyes get too heavy and you drift off and other nights you need your pacifier replaced two or three times. I seldom pick you up after putting you into your bed and you tend to work things out on your own. If you truly do get upset it's usually a wet diaper which we take care of and put you right back to bed. You wake each night at 1 and 5 or 3 and 7. I like the 3 and 7 because it means we are only up once a night since Ryder and Daddy's work already has us up at 7. 5 isn't much fun because I know we have to get up soon... not fun! No matter when you get up for those feeds you tend to wake up around 9. You stay awake for about an hour to hang out with us and drift back off to sleep until around 11 or 12. You then wake up for about an hour while we get Ryder ready for nap, and then nap on me during Ryder's nap. I love this time with you and enjoy being able to relax and cuddle with you. The afternoons are random depending on our schdule. If you can call it "fussy", then your fussy times tend to come late afternoon/evening but honestly you are pretty simple.
Eating: I'd like to pat myself on the back for doing this breast feeding thing for a month. After not doing it with your brother and not being to excited about it this time no one thought i'd last very long. At one month you have only had two formula bottles. Both were before we had a back up supply in the freezer, and I needed to pump to have bottles while we were out of the house the following day. As I said above you take a bottle of breast milk every night before bed and whenever we are out of the house. You have a couple other ones on rare occasion at home, but other then that you are a boob baby sweet heart. I think you prefer a bottle, as do I, but it's much easier to just breastfeed then to pump and feed. Lazy on my part. People say you feel such a strong bond when you breast feed... um no! It' frustrating, still not all that wonderful feeling, and just not my thing. I will continue to do it becaue I know it's good for both of us and the wallet, but I get so much more out of feeding you a bottle. We are both much happier, and I love the looks you give me while you take a bottle. It's a look of "Thanks Mom... this is so much less frustrating", and then I kiss you tell you I agree :) Daddy has only given you two bottles I believe. Unfortunately he's always gone for work it seems like when we do bottles, but hopefully he'll get some more in soon when he has some time off. Oh yeah.. when you do take a bottle you take 3 oz and when you breastfeed you tend to eat for about ten-ish minutes.

Diapers: Size 1 sweetheart... don't grow too fast. I like the cute little lines on the diapers that change color when you pee. They don't have those on bigger diapers which tells me you're getting to be a big boy... so stop it!

Clothes: Anything with the NB on the label is officially too small. You outgrew the onesies first, then some sleepers, and then the clothes. The 0-3 month stuff fits great and some of the 3 month stuff that runs smaller is fitting you well. 0-3 month onesies are getting snug, but I put a 3 month one on you today that was huge... thank God! Not ready for that big leap yet :)

Not sure what else when it comes to stats... you pretty much eat, sleep, and poop... must be the life. Daddy said the other day he wants to trade spots with you for a day and let you go to work.

I got on the scale yesterday with and without you. According to that you were 10.4 pounds. Not sure how accurate that is, but it's all I got right now. You have definitely grown in length judging by how your clothes fit. You don't go back to the doctor until June 16th so it'll be a while on any stats.

You have become much more alert in the past week. You really look at us and can follow us some with your eyes. I've noticed you opening you mouth when I get the bottle or pacifier near your mouth now. You are no where near holding your head up on your own, but you are getting there. If we hold you just the right way you can hold it for a while before you get too tired. You are great with tummy time. I never did it much with Ryder, and he got a flat head out of it. We weren't home much and the time just wasn't there. Even though you are the second child, we are home all day which gives me a lot of time to focus on stuff like that when I couldn't with Ryder. I make you sleep on your sides, rotating which side each night, and you nap on your tummy. I keep a close eye on you when you sleep like this :) Humm... what else... you are great on the go and sleep most of the time. You do great in the car. If you can't tell... you're a pretty easy baby. Ryder was as well... looks like that means i'm in for it when you are a toddler if you are like him! :)

Happy 1 Month Sweet Heart

We love you :)


Kelly@Kelly's Avenue said...

He is so handsome!! Happy 1 month sweetie

I was just wondering would you like a whole new blog makeover?

The Yarbrough's said...

I can't believe he's already 1 month old. They grow so fast!! He's soo cute!!!