Friday, May 20, 2011

Not Identical... BUT Definitely Brothers :)

Well it was about time for me to dig up some baby Ryder pictures to do a little comparing of our two boys. There are times I feel that they look abolutely nothing alike, but then I look at other friends babies and realize ok maybe my babies do look alike. They are by no means identical, but definitley share some traits. The end of their nose and lips I think are an exact match. The eyes are a close match in a lot of pictures as well. Ryder had a much rounder face, and Landon has a longer face with a pointy chin. He definitely has a distinctive chin, but really can't pin point a certain person in either sides of our family that I think it comes from. Maybe it's just his own :) I have noticed that if Landon follows suite with Ryder he will be losing that precious dark hair here in the next few weeks. Ryder had about the same amount of hair at birth it was just blonde. I am dying to see if Landon's hair will come back blonde if it falls out. Derrik and I were both very blonde as kids. I had the dark hair as a baby so i'm thinking Landon's will come back blonde. I just can't picture it at this point because his dark hair is so defining on him.

Some comparisions... Let me know what you think:

Daddy and Ryder

Daddy and Landon





Landon again...

just think it show the same similarities of the picture of Ryder above

Ryder's 1st sponge bath at home

Landon's 1st sponge bath at home



This one was a set up, and I think shows a lot of differences about them but still had to share

Snuggle time with Ryder

Snuggle time with Landon


Sarah said...

they look a lot alike I think!! I am still wondering if mckinlees hair will turn blonde like Calebs as well. ur boys are darling!

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