Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A little of this... A little of that...

Mother's Day was a total fail in this household. Ryder thought it was opposite day or something and acted awful the whole day. It was closing day at the horse track... i'm not really a fan, but really only wanted a fun day with the boys. They enjoy it so I figured i'd just pretend I did. Well Ryder was awful and acted out the whole time. It was windy out, and I was still pumpless for Landon which meant feeding him out of the comfort of home in a nasty dirty horse track. Needless to say we all shed some tears that day! Yesterday though we had the most amazing day running errands as a family. Ryder was perfect for almost four hours of boring errands... he's so unpredictable!! It was nice to be out and about as a family of four :)

Random picture of Ryder and some of his art work on our patio
Landon gave me a gift on Saturday night for Mother's Day... the cutest little belly button i've ever seen!! It fell off at exactly two weeks old. I was shocked it took so long because Ryder's fell off at one week.

"Look Daddy... I have a belly button"

"What do you guys think? Like it?"

After a longggggg two week wait we finally got our hands on a breast pump. Landon took a bottle like a champ!! This will make my life soo much easier while on the go.

Nap time on Daddy

Landon will finish off the last of his newborn diapers today, is squeezing into his newborn onesies, and outgrowing some of his newborn pajamas already. I remember being so excited for Ryder to hit all of these milestones, but knowing this could be our last baby I am hoping Landon grows up nice and slow... it's already going way too fast!!

Sleep is still going great great for us. Landon is starting to schedule himself during the day. This week we have definitely started having long stretches of awake time for a few hours. At night we put him down around ten, and he has been waking up once between 1 and 3 am. It is soooo nice! Last night was his longest stretch not waking until 5 am!! He sleeps until about 7 or 8am, eats, and is back to sleep until around 10 or 11 before a real long stretch of awake time.

Ryder is still amazing with Landon. Honestly has no jealousy at all, and is just more proud then anything. The smile on his face if Landon is around him, looks at him, or touches him is priceless. They really only interact a few times a day, but it's so so sweet!

And on a final note.... a combo of growing out of newborn clothes and a loving big brother lead me to think it was time to attempt some Big Brother/Little Brother photos today!!

Landon was fussy when we started... Love that Ryder was holding his paci in

Can you see how proud he is?

He just adores him!

The best we were going to get...

Big Brother....Little Brother

"How many pictures is she going to take?!?!?"

Enjoying some UmiZoomi when mom was all done torturing them :)

Sorry for the scattered thoughts.... Don't have much computer time :)


KateB said...

I am happy to hear that Ryder redeemed himself from Mother's Day! :) Your boys are ADORABLE!

Jen said...

Adorable photos! Jackson's belly button fell off at exactly two weeks also! How cute.