Friday, October 9, 2009

Caddy 4 Hire

Yesterday was Derrik's first time back golfing since his surgery, and Ryder and I decided to tag along to enjoy some of this amazing weather we are having! What a great day with my boys :)

The whole family on the golf cart

My Hubby doing his thing!

We are putting Ryder to work...
Anyone needs a caddy?!
He does it all!
Picks up your clubs for you

Has dicussions before you tee off telling you what you should do
Waits patiently for you when your being slow

And is even trying to figure out how to get his feet to reach the gas so he can drive...
I guess Mommy gets to stick around for a while until he figures that out :)

Most of all... he makes you feel real good about yourself no matter how you play!

Ryder even got a little practice in on the course

He also wanted to show off a little.... Standing all alone :)

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