Thursday, October 8, 2009

He's Walking!!!!!

One Shocked Momma Right Here!!! Ryder had stood some. He would stand in places he wasn't comfortable in public and a little in the bathtub, but still wasn't using it on a daily basis so we thought hopes of walking were SOOO far off. Today he started standing really good while we were playing with his stacking boxes so I started videoing him thinking this was the day he first really started standing! We had to document it :) I noticed when he was standing that he would slightly move his foot if he wasn't standing at a good angle to stack another blog. I said to Derrik that I thought he might take a step if the blocks were just a little bit away from him. I tried it out and he took a step... moved them further... he took more steps... and voila! He walks!!!

We got lots of walking out of him this afternoon and are SOOO proud! Here are three videos from today. Ignore my annoying praises to my sweet baby! I was just really proud :)


The Smith's said...

YAY! CONGRATS RYDER!!!!!! that is amazing! You need to come give Dakota a nudge!

The Stevens Family said...

YAY Ryder!!! So excited for you guys!! :) Too cute

The Gardella's said...

Aww he is too cute walking around in his little diaper!! Congrats!