Monday, October 19, 2009


My boys love eating some "goldies" when we are at home in the afternoons. We use to get the regular size bag because it was the only size that sold "baby" goldfish. They are the same thing just smaller in size for little babies like our little man. Recently though we realized we needed to upgrade Ryder to regular goldfish because we were going through so many of the regular size bags. Now we have moved up to the huge family size box which will hopefully last us a little longer between purchases!!!

The troops realize what Daddy has... Goldies!!!
"Hey Chloe you want this one?"
"Da... Chloe licked this one for you!"
(do you see how funny Ryder's face is... he loves to test his Da)
"Here is one Chloe didn't lick"
"You think i'm kissing you to be sweet, but really i'm just stealing some goldies"
"Want some more Chloe... I know you hate that dog food"
"Just teasing... It's really for me... I don't care about a little dog slobber!"
A boy and his goldies
Ryder loving his new Halloween balloon
"Balloon, why do you keep floating back up there?!?"
"Do you see how talented I am now?! Standing and drinking my sippy cup... multi-tasker!"


The Gardella's said...

haha...this reminds me of our house. Our little dog Bella is always right in our face when we are eating as well. Must be a yorkie thing :)

Tricia said...

If you ever go to Costco, we buy the BIG boxes of Goldfish. It has three full size bags in one box (so like three of the big boxes they sell in the store) for maybe $8.00. They are great and last FOREVER!