Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just Hanging Out

Sorry for the lack in posting. There hasn't been too much going on around here, and it's kind of nice.
Ryder had a little cold through the end of the weekend, and I've seemed to have caught it. I hate being sick... especially when I still have to watch Ryder and still have to work! What happened to the good ole days when being sick meant doing nothing and laying in bed all day? Ryder is doing great with his standing and walking. I'd say he still prefers crawling, but he will walk if you ask him to if we are walking to his room or something. He is standing quite a bit though while he's playing. His biggest problem is he wants to run instead of walk and usually trips himself. It's crazy how much he has grown up since his 1st birthday! He's going to be 14 months in a few days! It's just insane!
Ryder has changed his nap schedule on us. He is going down about an hour earlier for his morning nap and it's only about an hour and a half instead of three hours. It makes for a crazy Mommy when he goes down trying to get a shower and finish up work before he wakes up. I use to be able to do it easy... now he's always up before i'm even close to done! We have added a new afternoon nap that is about an hour if we are at home and a little less if it happens in the car while running errands.
Ryder lovessss to drink... his water and milk that is! We already had to move up to bigger sippy cups so I could keep up. At first we weren't sure if he was crazy over milk, but he definitely loves it. It's so cute to watch him stand all by himself while he throws his head back to drink out of his sippy cup! It feels like those days of drinking an ounce from a bottle and then burping were just yesterday :(
Funny story about Ryder.... We go to Target a lot. We just like to stroll around and pass time some afternoons when Ryder is fussy at home. We have been through the Halloween section probably a good dozen times since the stuff came out like two months ago. Ryder has always loved all the stuff in that section when they pop up or make their scary noises. It's never been an issue. Earlier this week Ryder and I are there by ourselves, and I walked past the witch (that has been there for months now and usually makes scary noises that make Ryder laugh). It is obviously dead because it's not making any noise, but Ryder literally looked at it and started hysterically crying!!! Terrified!!! I forgot to tell Derrik the story. So when we were there the other day I wasn't going to say anything and see if it happened again. Ryder literally saw the halloween section (not even the witch yet!) and freaked out!!! Hysterical!!! It is crazy to me how fear in instilled in a person from birth. We've never told him Halloween is suppose to be scary. How does he just know?
I recently took a bunch of kids cds I had sitting in the condo and put them in my car since the tv is in Derrik's car. Ryder shows no interest what-so-ever in any of this stuff, but the second I turn some hip-hop on he dances like crazy! He has such good rhythm! He loves all of his music toys and really loves the new show Glee on tv. He just dances away! Definitely didn't get this from his mommy and daddy!!!
Derrik got his holiday schedule today. We will be getting on the planning process very soon and figure out where and when we will be in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. He gets a full week off for Thanksgiving and three weeks off for Christmas!!! I wish that money was growing on trees because we'd be home for all of his off time, but it's not. We will be spending Thanksgiving here in Arizona since it is so close to Christmas. We can't buy plane tickets twice in a month... just won't work. For Christmas we need to work around Derrik's basketball schedule and also keep our pets in mind. With not knowing anyone in the area it forces us to put our pets in a kennel which is E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E!!! Plus it's kind of cruel to put them in a cage for three weeks huh?! And we'd have to get a rental car... so with all that said we will probably be up there for about two weeks and can't wait :)
We have been spending all week handing out flyers for Derrik's upcoming baseball clinic on the 24th. It seems like they are going to have a pretty decent turnout already. Handing these flyers out has made us find a lot of the parks around here and they are amazing!!! They just don't have parks like this anywhere else we've lived. They are all so nice! They all have basketball courts, baseball fields, softball fields, play grounds, bike paths, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, skate parks (we've told Ryder he's never allowed to go on one of those!), and walking paths everywhere! They are all so nice and Ryder loves being in his stroller at these places :)
I'm out of stuff.... I was hoping to have something to say between every picture, but i just can not think of another thing to ramble about for this last space. I told you we didn't have much going on so i'm sorry I bored you with this post, but i've been told I was slacking so I figured something was better then nothing!

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