Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Not too much really going on around here right now. We've really settled into a routine around here, and I think we all like it. Usually when we hit this "routine" part of our lives in a town, it's time to pack up and move again. It's weird to me that we will be here until around May!

During the week Derrik heads into work around 7:30. Ryder and I eat breakfast and then he plays while I work until around 10-10:15. Around then I make us a real nice fruit bowl while we watch the beginning to Regis and Kelly and eat our snack. Ryder then goes down for what has recently been an amazing 3 1/2 hour nap! I make sure I get a shower right away in case the nap doesn't last and then turn back to work to rush and get everything else that I need to get done so when Ryder wakes up I can focus on him. Ryder usually wakes up around 1:30 and eats his lunch and usually Derrik gets home around 2:00. We seem to always have some sort of errand to run and have been trying to enjoy stuff around the area. Dinner, bath, book, and bed happen between about 6:00-7:30 and then it's time for Derrik and I to enjoy some t.v. and then bed. It is nice to have such an easy routine these days. We LOVEEE having Derrik around in the afternoons! It won't last for long because he'll be started up his basketball in the afternoon around mid-November, but we'll take it while we can.

Big news around here is that Derrik gets to start throwing next Monday!!! Not pitching off a mound or anything... Just long tossing, but hey at least he's throwing a baseball. Pitching off a mound won't come until right before or after Christmas.

Speaking of that word Christmas... I couldn't be more excited. I could care less about getting a single gift this year. I just want to be at our homes and see our family SO bad! I want Ryder to see them all and for everyone to see Ryder. I can't wait to be at my parent's house when it's cold outside and the fireplace is going. I love knowing that my whole family is under one roof! I can't wait to let Ryder run around with his Uncle Cole and Uncle Dalton. I think Ryder better toughen up before he runs into those guys! I can't wait to sit at Ryder's Papi's house and let them play on the floor together while watching football games. I can't wait for it all! I ask Derrik every day if he's heard when we are going to be able to go, and he is working on it! As soon as we get the dates we will be booking plane tickets! I am praying they get two weeks so we have a week in Pennsylvania and a week in Massachuetts. One week will just NOT be long enough! Either way Derrik, Ryder, and I will be seeing our WHOLE family and we can't wait!!!

Until then... We'll continue to share our lives with you here on this silly computer. Enjoy our life lately....

At the driving range letting Daddy try out his new club
We think he's ready for the real golf course... but hate when he goes!
Did that one go over the net Dada?
Ryder chasing after Derrik's golf balls... he could do this for hours!

Ryder going after the balls again...
Smiling at his Daddy cooking Sunday morning breakfast
Ryder loves to get himself stuck in small spaces... this is big compared to what he tries sometimes. He then freaks out and makes us get him out... Only so he can go right back and do it again!
So how cute are these Halloween undies?
Playing in his room
At Jason's Deli the other day Ryder pretty much grabbed his bowl and decided he was taking charge. We have been using a fork for a while now, but i've been hesitant to give him a bowl becuse of the disaster I would face. He decided it was time and did so great! We were cracking up at him... watch his face! He gets that from his mommy and daddy!

And when all else fails... Use your hands

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Anonymous said...

Please, please, please let us know when you are on PA for the holidays. You will be much to close to us to pass up seeing you!

Scott and Karen