Monday, October 25, 2010

Babies and Bellies

Living the lifestyle we live it becomes very hard to keep or make friends. You never know when you are getting back home to see the ones you have, may never see the baseball ones again when trades or moves happen, and making friend... who wants to make friends with someone who is always talking about moving. Lucky for me though I do have an amazing group of girls I am so glad to call my best friends. They are always only a phone call away, cherish the sweet times we do have together, and almost always are understanding of our crazy lifestyle.

Lately I find myself constantly talking babies with pretty much all of them. I feel like all my girlfriends either have new babies, are waiting on the arrival of a baby, or are hoping to see those two sweet lines on a pregnancy test sometime in the near future. I can honestly say as a little girl I dreamed of the days I could talk with my girlfriends for hours on end about babies. Growing up was fun, but I always looked forward to lots of babies, baby bellies, play dates, and adventures with kids. I known I was always meant to be a mom, and couldn't wait for my friends to be either.

Right now at this current moment four of my best friends are expecting little ones! FOUR!!! Is it baby season or what?! These aren't just four friends or acquaintances... these are four of my best friends! I am beyond excited to meet each and every one of these littles ones in the coming year.

Brit: 36 Weeks
Baby Zander
Let me tell you about the smile I got across my face last spring training when I found out one of the baseball wives was FINALLY pregnant. There are so many of us girls on the team, they were all newlyweds, and NONE of them were getting pregnant. I was get very frustrated at them (and they knew it!). Baby Zander came as a complete shock to his Mommy and Daddy, but a wonderful shock. Brit has handled this pregnancy SO amazing! I can't wait to get that text in a couple weeks of Zander's sweet little face, and really can't wait for their arrival out here in Arizona at spring training so I can get my hands on him!!!

Heather: 30 Weeks
Baby Nash

I can't even begin to describe to you the tears that were shed and the prayers that were said over this baby. Years (it is crazy to me that much time passed) of long talks, high hopes, trying to keep confidence, negative tests, more pep talks, infertility, holidays passing, losing hope, and finally prayers answered! Heather wanted this baby so bad, but between her awful work schedule, Chris's baseball schedule, and irregular cycles the chances began to look dimmer and dimmer. Last off season I literally spent hours each week talking with Heather though her fertility treatments trying to keep her hopes up, making sure she was ok when she would get more bad news, waking up at night from bad dreams over the situation, and was soo bummed for her when another baseball season crept up way too soon and hope was lost for yet another full baseball season.

Amazing story... Derrik and I had to stay at their house at the end of spring training (long story). Heather was flying out and had one last afternoon with Chris before an extended period of time apart due to the start of baseball season and her work schedule. She thought it was the right "time" and asked if I could leave the house with Ryder. We did, and without any help from any meds or doctors what-so-ever Baby Nash was conceived!!! I always assumed when I found out Heather was pregnant i'd be very emotional after all she had gone through. She called me late one night, I answered the phone, and she simply said "I'm pregnant". I honestly think I showed no emotion because I was completely shocked!!!

We can't wait to meet you Baby Nash! It's been a long time waiting for you grand entrance!!!

Tricia: 29 Weeks
Baby Logen

Tricia's pregnancy with baby Logen has been one of the funnest for me because I got to find out she was pregnant in person and have watched Baby Logen grow throughout this entire pregnancy. I get so excited whenever Tricia comes back home when I'm watching the kids and has new ultrasound pictures of the little one. Page is going to be such a great BIG sister!!! I am slightly bummed that Tricia will have baby Logen while we are gone for the holidays, but you can bet we will be going to visit as soon as we get back :)
Amanda: 10-11ish Weeks
The biggest shocker out of my pregnant friends.... that's for sure! Amanda and I were due about four weeks apart (her being due first) when we were pregnant with Sophia and Ryder. Due to Ryder's early arrival they are exactly three weeks apart. When I found out I was pregnant it was just after leaving Florida, and spending some amazing quality time with Amanda and Sophia. I'll admit that there was a part of me thinking "I wish I could go through this with Amanda again", but I let it go because they weren't even trying so it was totally not happening. So I thought! Within less then a week of me finding out I was pregnant I got the news from Amanda that she was expecting as well!!! I am SOOO excited. She does not have an exact due date yet, but it looks as if we'll be about three weeks apart this time as well (me being due first this time). Amanda and I were great friends growing up, but had kind of lost touch over the years. We got really close again when we found out we were pregnant and due so close together. The fact that after all those years growing up we were due within a month of each other, and now two years later we are due within a couple weeks of each other again is amazing! Amanda and I e-mail back and forth almost daily, and it's so fun talking with her about what we are going through pretty much at the same time once again. It'll be a long six-seven months together finishing growing these babies!

I can not wait to meet Zander, Nash, Logen, and Baby Maguire!!! I know the sex of three of the five babies (including ours in the five), and all three are boys. It seems to be the year of the baby, and especially the year of the boy... hoping to break tradition! HAHA

(Note: When I spell checked my post none of the babies name were spelt "correctly"... Obviously my friends like unique)


The Denoves said...

That was such a sweet post....of course I cried...stupid pregnancy hormones:) Love ya

Abby said...

How stinkin' fun! And I'm a wee bit jealous...I'm ready but the time in our lives just isn't right :( Congrats!!!!!

Gemma said...

The post was amazing:) Glad to hear you and your sister are so close now!! Me and my sister just both completed our pregnancies and have already started our children on infant swim classes. So much fun:)