Thursday, October 28, 2010

Doctor's Appointment

We had our first doctors appointment today. It went good. We liked the office. It is a lot like the place I use to go to back in Fort Myers and like the place we went to in Chattanooga where Ryder was born. It's a bigger place, has quite a few doctors, and the nurses were all super friendly. I had to become a patient of one of the male doctors since their female doctors were booked super far out. I am not against male doctors, but have just had bad experiences with two of them in the past. I decided to try him out since I read great things about this place. He was a nice doctor, answers all of my questions, didn't make me uncomfortable, but just sort of lacked a personality. My doctor from back home and the one who delivered Ryder made you feel like their best friend when they came in the room, but I guess you just can't find that everywhere.

Anyhow... they said everything looked great, and suggested we schedule my next apointment the day before we leave for Pennsylvania. He REALLY won me over when he also suggested getting our 20 week ultrasound done before we leave at 16 weeks!!!! This means we should be able to find out the sex the day before we leave for the holidays. I am soo excited... three weeks from today! He said if they can't get all the measurements they need then we'll just repeat it when we get back in town. Three more weeks to get your guesses in for a boy or girl!


Tricia said...

Yay! Oh...and your website just let me vote AGAIN for boy or girl. Apparently you only get one vote per day. :)

Mama Fish said...

Danielle- Are you hoping for a boy or a girl? I'm trying to remember if you posted anything about that. How wonderful to have an ultrasound before you head home for the holidays!

Meant to be a mom said...

Oh how exciting!!! I'm so glad everything went well and the doctor seemed nice. That's so important. I have a male doctor and I love him.

As far as girl or boy??? I'm not sure yet. Post some things about this pregnancy and if its anything like Ryder's or not. Or have you already done that? I'm so behind!