Saturday, October 23, 2010

Guessing Time!!!

After stating that I was like 90% sure I was convinced we were having a boy after our ultrasound this week, I was shocked how many friends and family are still insistant that I'm having a girl. I know i'm not an ultrasound tech and if the lady could tell she would have gladly told us, but I was just stating what I think I saw.

I put up a blog poll at the top right hand corner of the blog so friends and family can start guessing what the sex of our newest little baby is going to be. For those people who don't understand the computer it is SOOO simple! Just click what you think (Boy or Girl)and then click VOTE. It will take you to a screen that will show you the results. I know it won't let you vote more then once (which I don't want), but I tried to vote for both Ryder and I and it wouldn't let me. So if you want to see the results after you voted at a later date just click the "View Results" button and it will show you.

As for Ryder's vote... We always ask him if he wants a brother or sister. We either get no response, he says "baby", or he says "sister". We never get a "brother" response. So count his vote down as a girl!

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