Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baby Lutz #2 Update: Week 13

How Far Along: 13 Weeks

Size of Baby: Three inches long
Fruit Size (According to my e-mail from Apparently the baby is not always compared to a fruit because this week they compared the size to a medium shrimp... kind of weird.

Total Weight Gain: 1 pound.... Let the weight gain begin

Maternity Clothes: I put on a pair of maternity jeans this weekend for about five minutes and changed out of them. They are just too uncomfortable to start with already.

Gender: We leave for Pennsylvania at 16 weeks (most doctors will tell you at your 20 week appointment.. we are gone until 24-25 weeks). I am going to try my hardest to get the doctor to see us before we go and do an ultrasound. Two of my friends that are pregnant now found out with their doctors at 16 week so we'll see!!! Pray for a nice doctor :)

Movement: Nope

Food Cravings: Chicken salad... yum! (that was from last week... and now i'm craving it. I might have to go make some!)

What I Miss: Not much right now... feeling much better!

Labor Signs: (no comment until third trimester or so)

Sleep: Great, but am having some of the craziest dreams. No weird baby ones yet, but just weird in general.

How’s Ryder Handling It: I think it's a weird concept for him to grasp. Sometimes the baby is this thing we talk about that lives in Mommy's belly, we see at the doctor, and is a weird black and white picture. Then other times the baby is this little tiny human he sees when we visit Miss Tricia's house and the daycare babies are there. I think he gets it for two reasons: 1. I was looking at Heather's 3D ultrasounds of Nash she had done today and Ryder jumped up to look and started saying "baby", and 2. Today while baby Mady was laying on her belly at Tricia's house Ryder got down on his belly to play with her. I asked him if she was a girl and he called her a sister.... so cute!

What is the same/different as the last time: Back to feeling the same again. Right now I am itching like crazy which I heard can be a sign of pregnancy. I never had that with Ryder.

Symptoms: Itching, Nausea (if not on meds), breaking out like crazy, sleepy, hip pain... the doctor is going to love me tomorrow :)

Best Moment This Week: As far as baby is concerned... getting to see the little ones pictures on our fridge every time I walked past.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Our 1st official appointment with the doctor tomorrow! It's an hour appointment of paperwork and then an appointment with the doctor. We are shipping Ryder off to Tricia's so Derrik and I can pay attention and make sure we like the doctor. I'll give an update on our appointment tomorrow if there is anything to really update on.


The Denoves said...

Soooo excited!

Tricia said...

Can't wait to hear all about it when you pick up Ryder. I had the itchiness, too, but not until the 2nd trimester. My doctor said to take Benadryl, but that DEFINITELY won't help with the sleepiness! :) And I think Ryder totally gets it! He really will once Logen gets here and sees Page with her little brother.