Tuesday, October 12, 2010

To Complain or Not to Complain

Remember that shirt I talked about having ordered for Ryder for our visit to the pumpkin patch? Remember it was lost somewhere in the mail system and didn't make it on time. The sweet lady who runs the Esty shop I ordered it from offered to cover the cost of another shirt if I would pay the shipping. I figured we still had quite a bit of time left in October, plus the shirt wasn't really all Halloween and could probably be worn after the fact, so I paid the $5.00 and had another one shipped to us.

Well.... I got it today. Let me first specify that this is the shirt shown on his website...
I loved the skull look. Ryder is getting a little old to be ordering a monogrammed shirt or something like that. I thought this shirt was cute because it still had his name on it, but had a little edge to it. I really loved the cool distressed look it had to it. In the description of the shirt she said could accommodate any changes you desired, and to put it in the comments section at checkout. I requested a black t-shirt, white circle, and black lettering. White tends to wash Ryder out, and I knew he'd get it dirty the first time he wore it. She never said anything about there being an issue when we had talked after that (we even waited for her to order the black t-shirt because she didn't have it in stock), and I assumed we were good to go.

I was sooo excited when Derrik got home from the field today with the package in his hand (FINALLY!!!) and opened it up right away only to find this... Honestly... she got the shirt color and it's the same skull, but it is definitely NOT what I asked for. After all the drama i've been through with this lady do I cut my losses and keep the boring shirt, or do I e-mail her and let her know this is NOT what I ordered? I absolutely hate being a pain, but at this point the i've invested the cost of the shirt, shipping, and then shipping again to get nothing like what I asked for.

Etsy readers.... what would you do?! Complain or let it be?


Nicole said...

Hey Danielle,
If it were me, I think I would write her and tell her that I am unhappy with it, and what you were expecting. I would be upset if I received the shirt you received when I was expecting to get one like the one at the top. Let her know that you didn't want to have to leave negative feedback, and wanted to address the problem with her first.

~Rachel said...

I agree with Nicole. If someone was not happy with what they bought from me, I would want to make them happy. Let her know.

Liz said...

Agreed... I would nicely write her and explain to her that it isn't what you were expecting... She should want to make her customers happy and make up for it!